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Riddum / Jitterdrums

Polyrhythmic sequencer & drum machine

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February 28, 2016
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Instrument Sequencer


This ensemble can create complex poly-rhythmical percussive loops. It consists of two instruments that can also be used separately:

Riddum is a sequencer which is designed for the easy creation of complex and idiosyncratic rhythmical patterns. Ordinarily, the clock that drives a sequencer pulses in a regular and constant tempo. This instrument allows for precise control over the clock tempo. It consists of two parts which need to be programmed in conjunction: the POLYRHYTHMIC CLOCK that creates the rhythmic pulses by subdividing segments of a measure into up to 96 pulses, and a gated SEQUENCER with many editing options.

Jitterdrums is a relatively straightforward sample-based drum machine that features an interesting controller. You can set the controller to a specific value or you can define a range for it. The controller will output the set value or a random value within the defined range every time it gets triggered. This helps create a wide range of percussive sounds that sound organic and varied. The sampler features FM-modulation and the samples can be degraded and run through an overdrive effect to generate harsh and aggressive percussion.

Both instruments were designed to be user-friendly. Please read the hints/info for more information on how the different control elements function. Listen to the ensemble snapshots to get an impression of what these instruments together can do.


3 years ago
Haha, those samples! I am in that train almost everyday. Spoor 21 sprinter naar Geldermalsen. Lunetten likes Riddum
Jonathan Canupp
3 years ago
Wow. Well done. A lot of potential in this one, I'm going to have fun exploring your work here.