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Cambrian Period Sounds

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March 07, 2016
Reaktor 6
Blocks Ensembles


On re-entering the earths orbit, the 8 galaktic travelling Trilobytes had made field recordings and seen the whole Universe and were excited to tell the others of there great adventure. It had only been a 320 million year round trip, surely not much had changed on their homeworld.
On successfully landing they immediately sensed something was amiss, and it wasn't the sulking Musk at the landing site they were concerned with. Where were all the others Trilobytes?. Then the Admiral of the expedition Torbu Rex set his eyes on a large stone to his right, and there it was the first of his many fossilised friends, sadly sparkling in the sunlight, embalmed in solid grey granite.
No! he cried. it can't be...can it?. Yes said Barku T. it is true. The intrepid travellers horror was intense as the realisation that they were the last remaining of their struck hard. After an endless minute of silence Torbu Rex rose up and declared he would build a great musical machine that would generate infinite riffs in there honor and show the rest of the planet that Trilobytes totally Rock!
Features: Actual Trilobyte Rhythms, Crustaceous period space drones, Try-fi sounds , Tribal insect clicks, Buggy Ya Ya's, Granite explosions, etc...
+ CRUSTACEOUS triple Granite Engine
+ Triple Chance (Mod)
+ Triple Lfo seeds the Trigger osc
+ Triple Cambrian Comparator stage
+ Siberian Meta-Verb and Dust Gen
+ Detrital 10 way LFO (morph the wobble speed with main x/y)
+ Triple Indy stepped x/y's for each Oscillator
+ Random All, Indy randoms, Progressive Mutation, Gen mode

Hints: start clock
- many patches, but not all are already generative without the mutation or xy automation activated.
- for extra movement and wild evolving sequences switch either Mutation or Trilobyte Control both on.
- the Dust gen is best kept at low levels, but the volume can be cranked up quite high when using the lfo
- the lfo has a 10 way wobble system, it makes complex rhythms. Powering down 1 of the LFO's will give simpler rythms (the wobble speed is also set in main x/y)
- often 1 of the 3 oscillators will be making the riff and the others making a backdrop. just check with the x/y's which is the riffy osc and thats probably a good one to switch x/y automation on...or not.

Huge thanks to Brett Lavallee and also Michael Hetrick for the master + originals of Dust, etc.

if you wish to support the Tobu Rex and his band of 7 grizzled Trilobytes on their next intergalactic mission to field record the next Universe. you can visit www.we-are-not-pendants.flatfish and pledge some rocket juice..THANKS!


Rasmus Jakobsen
5 years ago
It is a fascinating machine - my only problem is that the trilobytes are embalmed in granite - it should be a shale or a limestone - a granite is formed from a melt - so no fossils....
Arthur Labitzke
5 years ago
Jeezaz, Cal! I´m absolutely sure now you picked the wrong job! A assure you: If you would have become a writer, Stanislaw Lem would applause from his grave. And Hollywood would kiss your feet, ole Trilo you are...
5 years ago
thanks Christian! ((i didn't explain the lfo setup very well in the description. its 10 way, but only 2 are active at a time, using the master x/y will morph betweeen the 10 possibilities. switching off 1 lfo will make just one active with 5 possibilities on the x/y.
Christian Huygen
5 years ago
Beautiful ensemble and beautiful jam. Beginner's guide: Turn on RECORD. Turn on the clock. The GEN button unleashes glorious chaos, so if you want to keep things simple for the time being, turn it off. Then just experiment with turning things on and off and changing parameters and switching presets. And then... you know you want to... turn GEN back on.
5 years ago
awesome jam Brett. i did have a demo but the server kept timing out, so cheers for uploading it. (Side note. On first load the machine is in gen mode with all x/y automation and mutation on. this is quite a chaotic mode, its quite useful for one-shots like this but can be noisey, so its probably best switching all these off at first and start with it in simpler mode till you grasp whats going on a bit better) happy voyaging!
Brett Lavallee
5 years ago
Thanks Cal for this genius sound device. CPU at a comfy 50% thanks to your mods. Can't wait to see what you come up with next. ••••••••••••