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Antique ARP

Antique with an arpeggiator.

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March 08, 2016
Reaktor 6
Blocks Ensembles


This is a version of Antique with an added arpeggiator and oscilloscope.

Note: You have to press play for the arp to work.

This version adds a "Split" function. It allows the two oscillators to be controlled separately, so a bass and lead part can be played at the same time. Only one oscillator is controlled by the arpeggiator, so when using it, a lead can still be played with the other oscillator.

It also changes the modulation routing so that the Mod-Wheel can have a variety of effects, including modulating the LFOs, delay, and reverb. A new control has been added so the volume level of the original Mod-effect can be reduced.

A switch has also been added to Envelope 1 so its gate source can be chosen between a Note on signal, or the Arpeggiator.

By disabling the split feature and setting Env 1's gate source to Note, similar functionality to the original version of Antique can be achieved.


Preston Parris
6 months ago
This is really amazing! Took me a bit of playing and adjustment to find an appropriate chord structure but its totally worth it when you get it right, some of these patches have changes over really long cadences too so leave it running!
Colin Webber
2 years ago
could this be converted to front panel patching?
Neal Butler
2 years ago
#8 is my fav. good art.
3 years ago
amazing thing this....and i only listened to the first patch.... for an hour.
Grégory Impallari
5 years ago
Thank you very much Brett :-)
julian farina
5 years ago
uffff. Loving that one, will play hard with thad bouty. Huge thanks!
Theodore Liston
5 years ago
Aha - it was the note in that was tripping me up. Thanks, Brett. This is very nice, thanks and hopefully I can return the favor someday.
Brett Lavallee
5 years ago
Press play on Reaktor's transport, and make sure the you're playing in the right range to activate it.. adjust the Note control on the 'note in' to determine the range. Above the note will play normally, below will be arpeggiated.
Theodore Liston
5 years ago
Brett - Thanks, love Antique, but for the life of me I can't get the arpeggiator to work on AntiqueArp! Is the on/off switch functional? Thanks for your help.
Brett Lavallee
5 years ago
Thanks a lot for checking out the synth, and thanks again for the great arpeggiator. By looking at the code it's easy to tell you did a lot of work. I think it paid off, because while I was remaking the snapshots, I found it is capable of some really inspiring riffs. If you happen to improve it further I will gladly continue to update this project as well.
Ken Kovach
5 years ago
You have made a very nice project and I am glad you like the arp! If the arp does not play nicely with a snapshot, you can press the bypass button on the arp.