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Igraine's Laboratory

A Sci-Fi Adventure for Reaktor

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April 01, 2016
Reaktor 6
Blocks Ensembles


Your spaceship breaks down in a far-away galaxy. Stranded, you send out a distress beacon in hopes for help. Before long, you are picked up by the gigantic floating starship; Igraine's Laboratory. However, your welcome is less than hospitable, and you are taken into questioning and stripped of your weapons and gear.

No sooner than you realize you have been taken prisoner, the starship comes under attack from a group of alien marauders. Seizing the opportunity to slip away, you escape, only to find yourself lost within the planet sized starship; battling the cyborg-slave creatures that reside within, hiding, and doing all you can to avoid detection.

Using a small set of devices you managed to hide from the guards, including your Scatter Jammer, Thrasher-Cannon, and ghost-absorbing Spectral Compressor, you must survive long enough to find a way out. Along the way you will discover the secrets of Igraine's Lab, and uncover its deadly secret weapon: Excalibur, a device so destructive, that without your interference, it would surely implode the universe itself...

Inventory Info:

Scatter Jammer - Useful for jamming conventional radar signals, disrupting cyborg brainwaves, and blocking psyonic attacks.

Thrasher Cannon - A sound-ray particalizer cannon with a very LOUD blast. Features a wide, stereophonic blast range, and infinite recharge-ability.

Orrery - Personal locator device. Useful for determining your location in space relative to the Earth, Sun, or Europa Space Station. Also serves as a powerful distress beacon and communicator.

Spectral Compressor - This is a device that was created for transporting ghosts out of cursed areas. It is also useful to defend against phantasm attacks.

Igraine's Laboratory is a high-tech sci-fi adventure for Reaktor. Simply press play, and then listen to each of the snapshots in order to hear the sounds of this thrilling tale.

Please select 'Set BPM by Snapshot' in settings, or manually set to 75 BPM to hear the snapshots properly.

This upload includes over 100 new snapshots for Igraine.

Each block has also been customized for the ensemble, including convenient randomizers (In some cases these are the block's logos)

Questions and comments are welcomed, feedback is appreciated.

David Elson - Igraine
Sandy Small - Orrery, Comb, Scatter
Colugo - Thrasher
Michael Hetrick - Spectral Compressor
Stephan Schmitt - Metaverb
Charles Capsis IV - Obicular Scope


Pablo Bastian
1 year ago
Stunning tool! I love it. This thing can really create otherworldly textures and unique soundscapes. Throw in your own samples and enjoy. Thanks a lot for sharing!
Brett Lavallee
5 years ago
N Marsh
5 years ago
this is amazing!!
Brett Lavallee
5 years ago
Thanks a lot. I'm currently working on snapshots for the "sequel". Stay tuned...
Mathieu Fanedel
5 years ago
Great work, thank you, also for that really nice story around!
Brett Lavallee
5 years ago
Thanks, Cal. More in the works...
5 years ago
Great other wordly sounds and atmosphere!