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shaper XXL

unique wavetable synthesis

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April 06, 2016
Reaktor 5 or lower


hi there, long time no see :)
after 12 years I decided to debug and finish this one
it was made with R4 and finished in R5
so what is it and why is it different?
it all started as some questions?
what if instead of playing your waveform at the begining, you started in the middle ? and as you read the waveform with an oscillator, why not filtering the osc before reading the waveform?
then why not using audio table to reshape the adsr?
and here we are.
shaper XXL is fully modular, meaning you have 4adsr, 4 shapers, 2 lfo, 4 FM ops, different type of filters that are after the wavetable, included 2 filter factories, you can read up to 4 waveform in a row.

don't forget to look at the A and B view as the main componant is in B view and the filter factories an the FM OPs are in A.
you also have one reverb but get rid of it it's just there to test the sound,
you have 2 instruments that are muted, unmuted them when using them.

one is called math, (control clic -> see in structure) on the function label to build math function for the shaper of the EG or for the wavetable, with this you can do FM without using the FM OPs or additive synthesis or what ever math function you want to try.

the other is called sample fitter, very easy to use just drag and drop your sample, and write the portion you want in the wave table then copy and paste it in shaper.

you also have an instrument called dance floor, it's 16 seq plus 4 shapers and LFO that you can redirect to 10 outputs, see B or A view for the mixer, this one is to automate shaper which have 10 external entries, in case you need it.

the is also a tutorial included, but you can see infos in the tips.
I've made many preset so that you can see the diferent ways of using it, on preset is called reset, it's a good starting point. the preset named seq are to be used with dance floor, the preset with celestial in the name are more to be used with the celestial or space preset of the reverb.
the presets are only in shaper as I couldn't save the presets of the reverb within the general preset.

there are already 82 waveform out of 128 slot, and 18 envelope shaper out of 20. so it's better you save this one and use a copy if you use your own waveforms and envelope, which you should.

what kind of sound does it makes? it depends , some are very evolutives, like a choir going A-I-O, to very agressive sound, sometimes screaming, for each preset, try them at diferent velocity as the diference can be striking, and for some keep them pressed a long time as they evolve slowly.

and most importantly don't forget to set the sample rate of reaktor to the max you can otherwise you will have aliasing for high pitch notes
now it's up to you, have fun !!!


erwan thomas
3 years ago
glad you like it :) I have some oldies in the library you might like, have fun !!
David Coffin
3 years ago
Ahh, much better now:) Thanks again, this is really great stuff!
erwan thomas
3 years ago
I reuploaded the file the tutorial should be inside
erwan thomas
3 years ago
if you use the info tip everything is there
erwan thomas
3 years ago
argh text too long
erwan thomas
3 years ago
yep no text file don't know why, here it is SHAPER'S TUTORIAL: (sorry I don't have word or acrobat to make this tutorial looks better :-)) HOW DOES IT WORK? There is an oscillator call circulation (or circ) that goes thru a filter and is then shappered by an audio table, and the amp of the circulation determines the amp of reading in the table, low amp make the reading in the center of the table CAUTION!!! DON'T FORGET TO MUTE MATH AND SAMPLE FITTER IF NOT USING IT!!!! HISTORY OF SHAPER: few thaughts I had: with a table you can reshape env in a more flexible way than the other shapers that are in reaktor. you can also reshape osc and with filtering the osc you can reshape from square for example to sine so a filter is easy to implement and gives you lots of flexiblity. so let's try and see what is going to happen.(I didn't know how it was going to sound and in fact was very impressed,that why I continued to perfect it.still job to do of course. the first version of shaper was cool but too cpu charging so I decided to put switch everywhere to save cpu, Eg or shaper you don't use are off.but now I have a tennis elbow doing all this wiring. THE INTEREST OF DRAWING AND TWO DIMENSION TABLE if you draw a waveform by hand ,it will be not perfect,so the sound will not sound digital,but electronic, as big velocity make the circulation read the whole table you can put a drawing with high freq at the extremity of the table to change the sound a lot acording to velocit
David Coffin
3 years ago
Good, helpful, thanks! English fine:) (But no text file is in the zip I got…? Just the .ens.)
erwan thomas
3 years ago
well sorry for my english it's more a user guide it's the txt in the zip. but basically in the main section you choose the circulation, usually ramp or tri or par, then you choose a waveform, then you go to the circulation amp section, the the circulation filter, then you add FM if needed and play with the filter section, then the amp section, but depending on the type of souns you want you might after having picked up your circulation choose the waveforms and how you modulate it. try the reset preset and go from there. , therer are two oscilloscope that are hidden if you really want to understand what's going on, one in the first level and another one in the filter circulation. have fun !!
David Coffin
3 years ago
Oh yes, very exciting puzzle, thanks! ("also a tutorial included"…but not separate in the download folder? So, tucked away inside the ens somehow?)