Daniel Haver has been the driving force behind Native Instruments for over 20 years. Today, he continues to lead its success as our passionate and visionary CEO.

True, Daniel saw enormous business potential in the music industry, but it was his passion for music itself that drove him to seize his opportunity. With the ambition to change the world of sound creation, he became a co-founder of Native Instruments.

Drawing on his creative and leadership strengths, Daniel galvanized Native Instruments’ product, sales and marketing teams early on. The world began to recognise the rapidly rising company, and as early as 1999, Daniel was interviewed by ‘Newsweek’ about "Berlin's Business Plan". Next, he spearheaded the setup of the U.S. office in 2002, personally curating all elements of the new outfit in Los Angeles. Recognising that a diverse global offering was the path to further success, Native Instruments continued to expand, opening offices in Toronto, Tokyo, London, Paris, and Shenzhen.

Early successes raised Daniel to the heights of his peers and heroes. In 2004, he was honored to receive an invitation from Apple’s iconic CEO, Steve Jobs, to present as one of the annual Apple Worldwide Developers Conference keynote speakers. Furthermore, in 2014 Daniel had the privilege of hosting Google's Chairman Eric Schmidt at the NI’s Headquarters. In addition to this, he regularly holds keynotes including at NAMM's Breakfast of Champions, NOAH Conference, Amsterdam Dance Event and DLD.

Daniel has consistently demonstrated his business acumen. From ushering in a radical diversification of the Native Instruments portfolio with KOMPLETE and spearheading the creation of the perpetual DJ software TRAKTOR, to developing MASCHINE’s integrated hardware and launching the samples and loop resource

Over two decades, Daniel has developed a unique, symbiotic leadership model with Native Instrument’s Chief Innovation Officer and President, Mate Galic. Their friendship, complementary skill sets, and relentless pursuit of innovation have kept the business at the cutting edge of digital music creation and performance.


As a DJ, producer, label owner and journalist, Mate Galic was one of the most prolific figures in Europe's burgeoning techno scene of the '90s. His artistic credibility saw him headline major festivals worldwide and his understanding of the cultural movement led him to become the voice of a generation, presenting the first electronic music TV show, broadcast throughout Europe.

His passion for futuristic sounds and the evolution of music made him a relentless explorer of all related technology. Pushing the boundaries of sound synthesis set Mate on a path towards Native Instruments, where he immediately found an outlet for his curiosity and began leading the company’s research, design, and development functions.

Mate was fundamental in the function and design of the company’s most powerful products of the last 20 years, from REAKTOR and MASSIVE to TRAKTOR and MASCHINE. He quickly cemented his position as a CIO and President, providing invaluable direction to CEO Daniel Haver in a leadership relationship that would fully harness their collective potential and steer the company to global success and notoriety.

A creator and a connector in equal measure, Mate has been responsible for funneling inspiration into the company and ensuring it thrives within the internal culture. At once prophetic and ambitious, Mate has been continually oriented by a desire to change music culture through technology, and ultimately a belief that music has an untapped power to transform and enrich societies at a profound level.

Today Mate and Daniel sharpen and expand the company’s vision and mission, remaining in pursuit of innovation and transformative change in the music creation landscape.