The past, present and future of Native Instruments is fundamentally connected to the individuals that drive it forward. With their individual passions and perspectives, CEO Daniel Haver and CTO/President Mate Galic perfectly symbolize the technological and economical vision of the company.


Daniel Haver has been the driving force behind Native Instruments for over 20 years and continues to lead its success today as a passionate and visionary CEO.

Prior to NI, Daniel focused his entrepreneurial energy on the design world, forging a highly successful design agency in Hamburg where he discovered the power of software to transform industries.

Foreseeing enormous business potential in the music sector and seizing an opportunity to work in a field he was passionate about, Daniel embarked on a mission with NI to change the world of sound creation. This ambition was offset with a talent for empowering and inspiring talented teams to reach beyond their goals, which guided the company through pivotal growth stages.

Leaning on a creative and technical background, he galvanized the product, sales and marketing teams and instilled organizational structure and purpose to a nascent NI. From radical diversification of the instruments portfolio to the creation of perpetual DJ software, Daniel has never been averse to risk.

He invested heavily in the set up of the U.S. office in 2002, personally vetting and selecting all elements of the NI outfit in Los Angeles, recognizing that a global and diverse offering was the path to success.

Halo products like MASCHINE, KOMPLETE and TRAKTOR can be traced back to Daniel’s management, not only scoping the vision but also meticulously crafting their iconic brands and the collective brand of NI. The push to introduce integrated hardware in 2004 was a major milestone, resulting in another growth spike for the company.

Over the last two decades he has developed a unique, symbiotic leadership model with CTO and President Mate Galic, whose complementary skillsets helped NI become the leading company for digital music creation. A relentless pursuit for innovation and a shared genuine desire to better the world through music mean Daniel and Mate now focus their efforts on developing a wider music creation ecosystem and vision.

When he’s not working, Daniel can be found appeasing his native wanderlust, usually by sampling global cultures, one plate at a time.


As a DJ, producer, label owner and journalist, Mate Galic was one of the most prolific figures in Europe's burgeoning techno scene of the '90s. His artistic credibility saw him headline major festivals worldwide and his understanding of the cultural movement led him to become the voice of a generation, presenting the first electronic music TV show, broadcast throughout Europe.

His passion for futuristic sounds and the evolution of music made him a relentless explorer of all related technology. Pushing the boundaries of sound synthesis set Mate on a path towards Native Instruments where he immediately found an outlet for his curiosity and began leading the company’s research, design and development functions.

Mate was fundamental in the function and design of the company’s most powerful products of the last 20 years, from REAKTOR and MASSIVE to TRAKTOR and MASCHINE. He quickly cemented his position as a CIO and President, providing invaluable direction to Daniel Haver in a leadership relationship that would fully harness their collective potential and steer the company to global success and notoriety.

A creator and a connector in equal measure, Mate has been responsible for funneling inspiration into the company and ensuring it thrives within the internal culture. At once prophetic and ambitious, Mate has been continually oriented by a desire to change music culture through technology, and ultimately a belief that music has an untapped power to transform and enrich societies at a profound level.

Today Mate sharpens and expands the company’s vision and mission, remaining in pursuit of innovation and transformative change in the music creation landscape.

He is regularly asked to speak at technology and music conferences across the globe, sharing insights on technology shifts and their potential impact for the next generation of music creators.