GUITAR RIG 6 PRO comes with 68 effects and tools – a huge selection of ways for you to customise your sounds and make them your own. From legendary stompboxes to highly sought-after rack modules, these components can be used on guitar, vocals, synths, drums, organs, or whatever else is in your mix.


GUITAR RIG 6 PRO provides you with a wide selection of fuzz, distortion, and overdrive units, including bit-crushing and wavefolding goodness from Native’s BITE and DIRT effects. Bring white-hot tone front and center in any mix.


A comprehensive range of delays and reverbs including RAUM, Softube’s RC 24 and RC 48, and REFLEKTOR, plus a time-honored selection of versatile DJ effects from TRAKTOR’s 12. Based on award-winning NI algorithms, these units give you all you need to send your sounds into glorious space.


Phasers, flangers, chorus and tremolo effects, now including the frequency-shifting madness of FREAK plus CHORAL, FLAIR and PHASIS from our stunning MOD PACK collection. Dial in those crucial extra elements of character to give your sounds subtle movement, vintage flavours, and stereo width, from a swirling 70s phaser to volatile synthesizer sounds.


Filtering is one of the most powerful ways to shape your sound, and GUITAR RIG 6 PRO offers several great tools to do it. Choose from an assortment of filters and wah-wahs, plus a range of equalisers including SOLID EQ.


Take control of your levels and then push them into beautiful overdrive. Add bite, depth, warmth and saturation to your sounds with this collection of compressors, limiters, and noise gates including VC 76, VC 2A, VC 160, SOLID BUS COMP, SOLID DYNAMICS, and TRANSIENT MASTER.


The Container Module is a utility for creating multi-effects and custom channel strips. Assemble your processing chain, then assign the eight macro-controls to the key parameters on any of the effects in the chain.

The Global FX allow you to keep effects engaged while switching between presets. Put global effects like reverb and delay into a Global FX module. This will stay at the end of your signal chain, regardless of what happens in front of it.

Split Mix

The tool allows you to create parallel effects chains. Split the sound in two, process each stream with different effects and then mix the results back together at the end. Insert one anywhere in the rack.


The device splits the signal into high and low frequencies. This lets you apply effects to the high frequencies only, leaving the low frequencies untouched as a solid foundation for the sound.


This device enables adjustments to the Mid and Side channels of your mix, allowing you to separately control and process the center and the edges of a stereo image.


Step Sequencer

Up to 16 on/off steps for ‘hard’ triggering.

Analog Sequencer

Up to 16 adjustable steps for more variable triggering.

Input Level

An envelope follower that scans the volume of the input signal and transforms it into a control signal. Useful for dynamic response effects e.g. the louder you play, the more distortion you get.

Multi-Step Envelope

Graphical sound editing. The shape of the curve defines the modulation.

LFO (low frequency oscillator)

With five waveforms and a choice of continuous or arbitrary modulation.



The Tape Decks are a great tool for recording and capturing ideas. Use time-stretching to slow down a riff while practicing, or use the pitch-shifting function to transpose a riff into a different key. The Tape Decks play WAV files and MP3s. Play along to the loops provided or load your own backing tracks.


Besides simple, precise tuning, the Tuner offers presets for common tunings, such as Chromatic, Bass, Open D / E / G / A, and DADGAD. The Cent and Strobe modes provide two different visual pointers, and the Mute mode lets you tune silently.

The metronome isn’t just for keeping time – it also serves as the clock for all synchronized rack modules, such as modulation and delay effects. Easily adjustable and with numerous helpful features, Metronome will help keep your playing tight.


This simple volume control can attenuate or boost the level at any point in the signal chain.


The new Macro device features 8 (or 16) control parameters that can be freely configured as knobs and buttons. All rack presets in Guitar Rig 6 Pro come with pre-mapped macros. An external MIDI or automation based hardware controller can be easily connected for remote control of the macro parameters.
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