• Meticulously sampled to sit in the mix perfectly
  • Pure bass sound for flexibility in any genre
  • 17 expressive articulations and techniques


SCARBEE MM-BASS is based on the highly-regarded Scarbee Black Bass created by accomplished bassist and producer Thomas Hansen Skarbye and inspired by the sound of Bernard Edwards (Chic). Bringing you the warm and creamy fingered bass sound of the 70s known from countless disco and funk recordings, SCARBEE MM-BASS is an outstanding addition to our series of "Powered-by KONTAKT" instruments - ready for use with the free KONTAKT PLAYER or KONTAKT.

The SCARBEE MM-BASS is also available as an Amped Version, including four different amp sounds.


The SCARBEE MM-BASS was recorded with flatwound strings to get that warm, creamy sound of 1970s disco and funk bass lines. The bass was recorded through a DI box to give maximum flexibility in the sound production. Furthermore, the full strings of the bass were sampled in order to reproduce the timbre changes that occur when you move between low and high frets - giving you rich, natural sound with all the overtones.

SCARBEE MM-BASS is much more than just a collection of samples. It features an extensive set of playing techniques including sustains, mutes, harmonics, hammer-ons, pull-offs, slides and more. And thanks to some sophisticated scripting, SCARBEE MM-BASS comes vividly to life with features such as a dynamic fretboard display, chord recognition, random alternation between varying release samples, random insertion of pickup hits and realistic vibrato - all to put the swagger into your groove.

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"When Thomas Hansen Skarbye first approached me about doing a bass sound dedicated to Bernard Edwards, naturally I was skeptical. Bernard's sound is so distinctive and so elusive that it seemed an impossible task. The first time I heard SCARBEE MM-Bass, I was stunned at how good it was, and how much it evokes the spirit and the sound of CHIC's vibe. It was clear that Thomas' passion and dedication to his craft, to the bass guitar, and to the legacy of Bernard Edwards was very profound, and that he had created something truly remarkable."

NILE RODGERS* - world renowned producer, musician, guitarist, and songwriter about MM-BASS (pictured here with his Chic co-founder, Bernard Edwards).


Thomas Hansen Skarbye is a highly regarded bassist who has worked with artists such as Nile Rogers (Chic) and Alicia Keys. His sound design brand has become synonymous with quality and playability, and his sampled instruments have become the first choice of many top producers and musicians all over the world.

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Instrument type: KOMPLETE Instrument
For use with: Free KONTAKT PLAYER or KONTAKT
Number of instruments: 1 (including 17 articulations and diverse effect presets)
Sound category: Electric Bass
Download size (Mac / PC): 2.9 GB / 2.9 GB
System requirements: Free KONTAKT PLAYER or KONTAKT. Please also see the KONTAKT PLAYER system requirements and the KONTAKT PLAYER FAQ.
User manual: Download Manual
*Image courtesy of Atlantic Records/ Warner Music Group
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