• Authentic reproduction of the sound of 5 legendary organs
  • Full control over all organ elements like drawbars, percussion and vibrato controls etc.
  • All manuals (upper, lower and pedal) included, where available on the originals
  • All manuals can be played on one keyboard via keysplit or with multiple keyboards by using different MIDI channels
  • Preset selector for 12 drawbar presets (inverse key functionality found on the B-3)
  • Dedicated amp page with drive, EQ and cabinet controls (8 cabinet emulations)
  • Convolution Reverb with true plate and spring Reverb IR samples
  • Native support for drawbar controllers like the Doepfer D3C
  • Chromatically sampled (sample size: 1,8 GB)
  • 100 presets included spanning 5 instruments
  • Best of both worlds: Sound is based on recordings of the original models. Effects like the Rotator, the Cabinets and Reverb are real time emulated on top of it, providing great sound and flexibility