KONTAKT is the sampler trusted in studios the world over. Its powerful feature set offers unmatched efficiency and speed, cutting-edge sampling tools, modular architecture and advanced scripting, making it the number one choice for players, producers, and professional instrument builders.


KONTAKT includes a wide selection of pro effects. Drawing from Native Instruments’ extensive DSP expertise, these effects allow any degree of sound shaping – from subtle sonic polish to elaborate effect chains that define the character of an instrument.

KONTAKT features 90 effect modules including reverbs, delays, dynamics, distortions, guitar amps and cabinets, modulation, equalizers, bit crushers, filters, and more.


KONTAKT makes real-time audio manipulation easy. Playback modes include high-quality time-stretching and pitch-shifting, granular technology, emulations of vintage digital samplers, and flexible looping and slicing. A combination of NI’s own technologies and those of partners, such as zplane’s élastique Pro, ensure that you have the most advanced tools in the industry at your disposal.


KONTAKT’s unbeatable performance allows the creation of complex and highly-realistic sampled instruments. Efficient, direct-from-disk audio streaming, smart memory management, and careful scheduling of background tasks means KONTAKT can load tens of thousands of samples in seconds and play hundreds of voices simultaneously. This allows developers to create premium instruments for the most demanding professional tasks.


KONTAKT features a flexible routing architecture that makes even complex instrument configurations possible. This allows developers to emulate multi-mic studio recording setups, scoring professionals to work in the latest multi-channel audio formats, and sound designers to create elaborate effect chains with parallel paths and even separate processing per voice. Another component in KONTAKT’s sound engine, this advanced routing turns sample manipulation into a new starting point for advanced instrument design.


KONTAKT includes a set of musical modulation modules. Use this comprehensive collection of envelopes, LFOs, and step sequencers to modulate almost any effects parameter or aspect of sample playback. Modulation from external signals such as incoming MIDI make the transformation possibilities endless. The results yield anything from highly realistic vibrato to animated, otherworldly synth textures.


KONTAKT’s advanced scripting language, KSP, is the magic behind countless professional sample instruments – each with their own innovative design and sonic character. Top developers have used KSP to create authentic Indian scales and rhythms, realistic, playable orchestral libraries, and cinematic atmospheres with infinite tweakability. More than just a language for audio, KSP also allows the creation of powerful custom graphical user interfaces for easy-to-use instruments that look as good as they sound.