KONTAKT 5.8 AND 5.7.3 AND 5.7.1

  • Improvements to the Libraries tab: Alphabetical sorting and text search for quicker navigation.
  • The virtual keyboard automatically resizes to match rack widths higher than the default.
  • Noticeably faster startup times, particularly when many libraries are installed on slower (or remote) drives.
  • Fixes for crash issues experienced with certain third-party libraries.
  • KSP improvements, optimizations, and fixes, most significantly raising prior limits to array sizes and the number of UI controls that can be declared in a single script.
  • Full support for Apple’s new file system (APFS), introduced in High Sierra
  • Fixes for a number of unusual but troublesome bugs.

KONTAKT 5.7 AND 5.6.8 AND 5.6.6

  • Adds three new guitar amp models and two additional distortion effects, all modeled on classic stage and studio favorites.
  • Links the ‘Add/Authorize Library’ buttons for third-party libraries – such as those from Heavyocity and Spitfire Audio – to Native Access, simplifying installation and authorization.
  • Brings much-requested return to full key coloring on the virtual keyboard, making switch placements and sound and sample type positions clearer.
  • New features and enhancements for instrument builders – including two for UI-authoring
  • Some rare but troublesome bugs fixed.

KONTAKT 5.6.5 AND 5.6.1

  • New UI feature for KONTAKT instrument builders – a fully customizable XY Pad can now be added to user interfaces built with KSP.
  • User interface improvements and fixes based on community feedback – text legibility is improved, and the Global Purge controls are back in the File menu.
  • Plus a number of stability improvements and bug fixes.


  • The user interface has received a major update, bringing it line with the latest NI designs.
  • Developers can now maintain precision even in use-cases involving complex math, with the introduction of a new variable type for real numbers.
  • Going hand in hand with the introduction of real numbers, a library of advanced math functions has been introduced. Trigonometric functions, logarithms, exponential functions, etc., will allow for more easily readable code and lower memory footprint.
  • Maximum width of instruments raised to 1000 pixels and maximum height to 750 pixels.
  • New command to set an instrument’s color, including its header.


  • Developers can now change the contents of any FX Slot from KSP, allowing for significantly more dynamic instruments.
  • Time related parameters – delay times, sample playback speed, etc., can now be controlled via KSP more efficiently.
  • Developers can now create instruments that use memory more efficiently by allocating only the number of Time Machine Pro voices that are necessary at any given point.


  • Snapshots allow you to save variations of any KONTAKT instrument. Save any number of parameter changes of an NKI, re-use them in your next project or share them across your computers.
  • NKA files can be stored in the resource container, allowing developers to manage data more efficiently – the data is now spread over external files, eliminating the need for large, hard-coded arrays.
  • Full NKS Compatibility


  • The Simple LP/HP Filter is a clean-sounding filter ideally suited for removing low frequency rumble and high frequency harshness
  • Supporting AVID’s latest AAX 64-bit plug-in format, KONTAKT is compatible with Pro Tools 11 or newer.


  • New Feedback Compressor is an emulation of a classic hardware unit known for its punchy, bright sound.
  • Iterating on the 5.0 implementation, most of the MIDI File Handling related KSP commands have been heavily reworked based on user feedback.


  • The Jump simulates the tone of British guitar amplifiers, adding to KONTAKT’s array of guitar-related effects.
  • Supporting AVID’s latest AAX 32-bit plug-in format, KONTAKT is compatible with Pro Tools 10.3.5.


  • The Time Machine Pro algorithm (developed by zplane), providing super-high-quality time-stretching – particularly suited to melodic and tonal material. Use Time Machine Pro for complete audio fidelity and imperceptible tempo-changes with all harmonic content intact.
  • New professional effects including Solid Bus Comp, Solid G-EQ, 37 new filter types, Transient Master, Tape Saturator, Buses
  • The new 16- bus system introduces comprehensive routing options with integrated insert and send effects.
  • The MIDI file player allows you to create instruments that can play patterns, loops and grooves as opposed to single notes.