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Construction Kits

  • Synergy

    Sample Logic LLC

    Weighing in at over 18 GB,this epic collection of 1200+ instruments, loops and multis delivers diverse sounds in an intuitive interface. Synergy utilizes extended sample synthesis and effectual techniques to provide interactive instruments. With its flexible sound sculpting interface, all instruments can be customized to preference, making it perfect for any performance or production environment.

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  • Evolve

    Heavyocity Media, Inc.

    EVOLVE is a next generation production instrument featuring a collision of massive rhythmic percussion, intricate tempo-synced loops, huge stings, and evocative tonalities. Intuitive keymapping and custom control features supercharge creativity and streamline productivity for modern composers and sound designers. This unique collection of cutting edge sounds is sure to make a difference in your next track. Find your signature and EVOLVE!

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  • The Elements

    Sample Logic LLC

    This 14 GB/4 DVD library contains over 1700 instruments, tempo synced loops, and multis designed with you in mind. The Elements is a collection that will transform your work, pushing the envelope beyond today's standard of music and sound design. Since the instruments are broken up into 6 intuitive elements, you won't waste any time browsing through unneeded sounds. These cutting-edge instruments were crafted to excite, inspire, and electrify, practically begging you to create. The library is packed with deadly, ear scraping ambiance to serene melodic choirs; glitched out distorted beats to funky harmonic guitar licks; woofed out basses to spine bending transitional impacts; traditional brass ensembles to psychedelic spirals of exotic colors. And with a bunch of extra sounds made from unicorns, hobbits, and dragons, this library is sure to be fun for the whole family!

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  • OTTO

    Fixed Noise

    OTTO, designed by Otto Von Schirach, is a library that offers over 4 GB of IDM, industrial, and electronica sounds. Instruments range from construction, loops, sequences, surround and more. Every sound represented in a loop or sequence instrument, is also found individually as a hit. Beyond electronica, OTTO has been embraced by hip hop producers, film/TV composers as well as alt-tronica.

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  • Ambience Impacts Rhythms

    Sample Logic

    Over 6 GB of sample content, including 300 Ambient Instruments, 100 Impact Instruments and Kits, as well as 300 Tempo adjustable rhythms, all suitable for film scoring, atmospheric music, sound effects and much more.

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