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Orchestral & Strings

  • Hyperion Strings Micro

    Soundiron LLC

    Hyperion Strings Micro is Soundiron's introductory string library for NKS. It's the perfect starter pack for new songwriters & seasoned composers seeking new colors in their palette. We recorded 8 Violins, 6 Violas, 5 Cellos & 4 Double Basses in a dry studio, with a robust sound with warm tone & intimate detail, ideal for any style from rock, pop & EDM, to fully orchestral compositions. MSRP $49.

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  • Rhythmic Textures

    Heavyocity media

    There's a subtle and certain magic that occurs when the right miss and the right preamps, in the right room, capture bow meeting string in just the right way. Heavyocity's goal, when developing Rhythmic Textures, was to capture that magic. Rhythmic Textures is the moving, expressive counterpart to 2017's Intimate Textures - focused on delivering carefully and deliberately-crafted rhythmic elements, played together in intimate chamber string ensembles. From cellos layering sul pont tremolos over swells, to violin staccatos played over col legion tapping, Rhythmic Textures delivers 16 truly unique ensemble articulations, production-ready for your next score. Now available at

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  • Joshua Bell Violin


    Embertone is proud to announce availability of Joshua Bell Violin — a creative collaboration with Grammy® Award-winning violin virtuoso Joshua Bell that enables composers, hobbyists, musicians, and performers alike to harness his celebrated sound as an advanced virtual violin for Native Instruments’ industry-standard KONTAKT Player platform that is simple to use, producing expressive and realistic results representing Embertone’s most ambitious release to date.

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    Laboratory Audio

    STRIKEFORCE is a brand new cinematic percussion library from Laboratory Audio. Massive ensemble drums with lots of character, ready to blow up the movie screen. The uniquely designed STRIKEFORCE user interface makes it a breeze to create BIG, natural sounding, cinematic drum beats. 43 GB uncompressed (18.6 GB NI lossless compression)
, 129 Instruments Total, 115 Ensembles (6vl 16rr) Instruments

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  • Cinematic Thunder

    Vir2 Instruments

    We are proud to present Cinematic Thunder: Epic Orchestral Toms. Cinematic Thunder is extremely detailed with supreme expression with up to 14 velocity layers and 3 round robins for the 8”&10” tom, 10”&12” tom, 12”&14” tom, 14”&16” tom, and 16”&18” tom, and Surdo. Additionally, there are combo hits with multiple toms being struck at the same time to provide a larger, more cinematic sound. Cinematic Thunder features four patches: Sticks, Mallets, Group Hits and Group Big Hits. Each patch includes 3 separate mic positions, and a Processed mix which is a processed, remixed combination of the 3 mic positions. Recorded in a large concert hall in central California from three mic positions for complete flexibility, Cinematic Thunder delivers an epic sound. From soft and warm to big and bombastic, Cinematic Thunder is a focused and indispensable production tool.

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    Analog Strings is a virtual instrument for the modern music maker. It enables you to craft and perform string sounds that are insanely unique and cutting-edge, yet beautiful and creative.

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  • Virtuoso Ensembles

    Kirk Hunter Studios

    Virtuoso Ensembles is an orchestral sample library that is designed primarily as a compositional and/or live performance tool, and works great for final tweaking mixing as well. The entire library, while sounding amazing, occupies a surprisingly small memory load as well as staying "lean" where CPU hits are concerned. It's a time-saver!

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  • Box Of Tricks


    Imogen Heap Box Of Tricks - Every aspect of Box Of Tricks has been shaped by Imogen Heap. An exclusive selection of 13 of her instruments, sampled in detail and with custom scripts, effects, and tools; all designed the way she wanted to use them. Box Of Tricks has been beta-tested in Imogens live performances and studio projects: a process that helped generate ideas and refine the instruments. From an initial idea about a free Heap instrument, to the final result, 3 years later; Box Of Tricks is a truly extraordinary collaboration.

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