KONTAKT is the industry-standard sampled instrument platform, chosen by top instrument developers the world over.

Its powerful feature set offers unmatched creativity for developers, with cutting-edge sampling tools and effects modules, modular architecture, and advanced scripting, allowing everything from recreations of real-world instruments to original standalone instruments, complete with features like built-in sequencing.

KONTAKT 7 comes with a powerful wavetable sound engine, allowing all-new hybrid instruments that combine synthesis with sampling to create truly unique sonic textures.


KONTAKT includes a huge selection of pro effects. Harnessing NI’s extensive DSP expertise, they allow any kind of sound shaping – from subtle sonic tailoring to elaborate effect chains.

KONTAKT features 92 effect modules in all, including reverbs, delays, dynamics, distortions, guitar amps and cabinets, modulation, equalizers, bitcrushers, filters, and more.


KONTAKT enables fast, simple, real-time audio manipulation.

Using NI’s own DSP tech, and that of partners – such as zplane’s élastique Pro – KONTAKT offers advanced, high-quality time-stretching and pitch-shifting, granular technology, emulations of vintage digital samplers, flexible looping and slicing, and more


KONTAKT’s unbeatable performance enables complex and highly-realistic sampled instruments.

Efficient, direct-from-disk audio streaming, smart memory management, and careful scheduling of background tasks means KONTAKT loads tens of thousands of samples in seconds and plays hundreds of voices simultaneously, for the ultimate in expressive sonic realism.


KONTAKT features a flexible routing architecture that allows highly complex instrument configurations.

With it, developers can emulate multi-mic studio recording setups, scoring professionals can work in the latest multi-channel audio formats, and sound designers are free to create elaborate effect chains, and even apply separate processing per voice.


KONTAKT has a comprehensive set of musical modulation modules, delivering anything from highly realistic vibrato to animated, otherworldly synth textures. This collection of envelopes, LFOs, and step sequencers can modulate almost any effects parameter or aspect of sample playback. Modulation can also be introduced from external signals such as incoming MIDI, for infinite possibilities.


KONTAKT’s advanced scripting language, KSP, powers countless pro instruments. It allows Euclidean sequencers, percussion instruments that reproduce minute drum skin variations, complex orchestral clusters, and more. It also allows powerful custom GUIs for instruments that look as good as they sound.


KONTAKT 7 ships with a standalone application suite – Creator Tools – to aid the instrument creation processes. It consists of three elements: A Debugger, for identifying and fixing problems in KONTAKT script; an Instrument Editor, which can load and run Lua scripts to automap samples, duplicate and batch rename groups, and copy settings from one part of an instrument to another; and a GUI Designer, which allows creators to assemble, customize, and reuse KONTAKT performance views and controls without the need to write code.
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