ABSYNTH can use up to three independent oscillation modules in parallel. All parameters can be modulated in real-time for expressive, dynamic interaction.

The oscillator modules feature the following operation modes:

Single and Double: Classic oscillators – use a single oscillator or two in parallel.
FM: Combines two waveforms and uses them as carrier and modulator, respectively.
Ringmod: Combines two waveforms in a ring modulation architecture.
Fractalize: Folds a waveform into itself to create additional harmonics.
Sync Granular: Re-synthesizes a waveform to generate breathy sounds.
Sample: Uses a sample as a sound source. 22 sample categories including acoustic instruments, percussion, morphing textures, and vocal sounds.
Granular: Re-synthesize a sample.
Audio In: Integrates any signal sent to ABSYNTH into the signal flow and transforms the synthesizer into an effect unit.


After the oscillators, various modules can be used to further sculpt your sound. 14 filter modes let you control the frequency spectrum. A ring modulator and frequency shifter allow advanced sound mangling. The Waveshape module changes the sound based on its amplitude for highly dynamic sound changes.

The order of these modules is freely definable. A versatile effect module is available at the end of the signal chain, completing the range of audio modulation modules. The ABSYNTH Universal Library allows you to save single modules or complete channels for future use.


Custom waveforms can be used in any of the modules that use waveforms, from oscillators to LFOs to the waveshaper. A library of waveforms is also included – simply select a waveform and get straight to making music.

A dedicated window with two special views allows modification of a waveform’s time and frequency. Apply ring modulation, filters or fractalize a waveform. Use the new Morph Waves to merge two simple waveforms into something entirely new. Both waveform components can be edited in real-time.


ABSYNTH lets you assign an individual envelope to nearly all of the audio engine's parameters. Use steps within your envelopes for tempo-synced precision. The Expand to Rhythm command lets you easily create rhythmically looped sections within your envelopes. Use a preset envelope or customize them for the perfect sound.

Similar to the Macro Controls, ABSYNTH's Master Envelope allows envelopes to be controlled with just four knobs based on common Attack, Delay, Sustain, and Release controls. All the library’s sounds are pre-mapped to these knobs, for fast and easy customization.


Nearly all of ABSYNTH’s audio engine parameters can be modulated. Link them to a Macro Control for quick and easy modification. The new Audio Mods extend these possibilities by linking a parameter to a module’s audio output signal. Additionally, three LFOs can modulate a wide variety of parameters.

The Morph Waves can also be used as LFO waveforms. Change the LFO rate or depth, as well as the signal's shape in real-time. This goes way beyond the traditional use of LFOs.


The Patch Window is ABSYNTH’s control center. Here, you choose modules and define their order in the signal path. Place a filter after a waveshaper to smooth your distorted sound, combine a frequency shifter with a ring modulator, and so much more – ABSYNTH’s freely definable routing multiplies the sound design possibilities exponentially.


All of a sound's most important parameters have been pre-configured and mapped onto Macro controls. For example, twist the Color knob and watch several parameters change simultaneously. The macro controls put several distinct sound variations on one knob, letting you instantly switch between sounds without extensive knob turning.


All effects offer an intuitive set of master controls. The surround module places effects within a surround panorama for enveloping effects.

The synthesizer's effect unit features the following operation modes:

Pipe: Models a pipe or string for resonance effects.
Multicomb: Features up to six parallel comb filters for stunning spatial effects.
Multitap: Creates sophisticated echo effects with feedback.
Echoes: Models three independent delay lines with separately adjustable filters and feedback.
Resonators: Contains different modes that simulate various resonant bodies from halls to metal bars and more.

Each operation mode's most relevant parameters are assigned to a Macro Control for instant access. This makes the effects an integral part of the ABSYNTH sound


You don’t need deep knowledge of synthesizers or sound design to create your own professional sounds. The Mutator represents a fresh approach to sound design, allowing you to combine characteristics from several sounds from the factory library.

For example, you could take the characteristics of a distorted bass from the ABSYNTH Library and apply them to a soft pad. Simply use the Browser to find the musical attributes you need.

It's also easy to define which elements of the sound should be mutated. The Randomize fader provides additional variations. Compare your newly-generated sounds in the new Sound History window and then tag and save them with your desired attributes for future use.

In addition, the Mutator's eight fine tuning controls provide quick access to eight sound properties, such as brightness, bass, resonance, distortion, and effects for instant tweaking of your newly created sounds.


The Aetherizer is a sophisticated granular effect that ‘decomposes’ the sounds into the smallest sample slices (‘grains’). These slices are then manipulated and re-assembled in a variety of ways. The results are unusual chorus and vocoder sounds, grain clouds, delays, pitch shifts, reverbs, and strange reflections. You can even use the Aetherizer on audio signals to spice up your recordings.


The Cloud Filter has a similar structure as the Aetherizer's granular effect, but acts in each of the three oscillator channels. It provides granular-based results such as unusual Chorus, Pitch Shift and reverb effects, and can produce synth sounds that are dense and aggressive.


This new comb filter uses physical-modelling with finely adjustable resonance for even more realistic, acoustic, and colossal sounds.