Free vocal instrument

  • Relive the magic of Jacob Collier’s Djesse world tour by conducting your own audience choir
  • Blend vowels captured from different cities and add unique percussion with stomps, claps, and snaps
  • Record your own custom XY pad motions and add depth with polyphonic aftertouch support

From Adelaide to Zurich

Explore choir samples captured at some of the world’s most iconic venues. Craft your own arrangements note-by-note or quickly lay down rich soundscapes with pre-recorded triads. Smart features help you dive deep into harmony, whatever your level of music theory knowledge. Simply use the chord generator function for instant harmony or effortlessly blend between tonalities of pre-built triads using the Triad Blend.

Conduct your way

Get your ideas rolling with carefully-designed presets, or dial in a sound you love and store it as a user preset. Seamlessly blend different vowel types using the Vowel Morph pad and record custom motions in real time for evolving performances. Go deeper with dynamic tuning controls to shape your sound down to the finest detail. Don’t worry about breaking your flow, everything always stays synced to your project tempo.

More than your typical choir

Add percussion to your tracks with stomps, claps, and snaps recorded from the audiences, as well as beautiful harmonies conducted by Jacob at each venue. Feeling lucky? Strike a special chord or motif, and you might unlock a hidden surprise from Jacob himself.

Inside Audience Choir

Audience Choir walkthrough

Hear the Jacob Collier Audience Choir in action with our product specialist, Brian Kullas, as he gets hands-on with the instrument. From laying down chords and percussion to adding depth to performances with polyphonic aftertouch, discover the features that make this choir plugin so unique.

Explore the choir with Jacob Collier

Join Jacob as he takes you through his favorite parts of the Audience Choir. From the very basics of shaping your sounds to smart harmony features like chord generation and Triad Blend, here’s everything you need to know to get started creating.

About Jacob Collier

Recognized by audiences, critics, and fellow musicians alike as one of the most gifted young artists of modern times, Jacob Collier already boasts a seemingly endless list of achievements, including six GRAMMY wins, which saw him become the first British act in history to win a GRAMMY for each of his first four albums, along with 12 GRAMMY nominations, including Album of the Year in 2021. His roster of collaborators is astoundingly varied and vibrant, recording and performing with UK music icons like Coldplay and Stormzy, American superstars such as SZA, Alicia Keys, and John Mayer, to Malian singer Oumou Sangaré and Moroccan Gnawa mâalem Hamid El Kasri. Each artist has sought out Collier’s distinct musical identity, cementing his status as the conduit for a generation’s ineffable creativity. Jacob has recently completed the finale of his four-volume epic Djesse series, with songs including luminary collaborators such as Brandi Carlile, Shawn Mendes, aespa, and Kirk Franklin, as well as over 150,000 voices from audiences he recorded all around the world.

Create perfect harmony with Kontrol keyboards

Bring the Audience Choir to life with Kontrol S-Series MK3 keyboards. Display key ranges with the Light Guide, control dynamics with the modwheel, and add character with polyphonic aftertouch by tweaking timbre, pitch, volume, and vowel type.

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At a glance:

Product type: Komplete Instrument
Instrument type: Choir plugin
For use with: Free Kontakt Player version 7.8 and higher or Kontakt version 7.8 and higher
Sound category: Vocals, percussion
Number of NKIs: 1 NKI
Download size: 190 MB
User manual online: Online manual
User manual: Download manual

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