If your style requires jogwheel control, you can connect turntables or CDJs to the S8 and use them to control the included TRAKTOR PRO 3 software. TRAKTOR timecode vinyl and CDs let you take advantage of the advanced precision and feel that pro DJ decks provide.
And if you don’t have access to a pair of decks, it only takes one turntable or CDJ to control several TRAKTOR software decks.
Learn how in this Knowledge Base article.
TRAKTOR KONTROL S8 is Native Instruments’ flagship DJ controller with high-res deck displays, touch-sensitive controls, dedicated Remix Deck controls, and an integrated soundcard with expansive connectivity. It even works as a standalone mixer – all features not present on the S4.
Please check here for a detailed comparison of all TRAKTOR hardware controllers.
The S8 also works as a full-featured standalone mixer. This means you can use the mixer’s 4 analog channels and filters with turntables, CDJs, or any other analog device without a computer. However, using the S8 to control TRAKTOR PRO software on a computer will reveal its full power.
Because the innovative features found on TRAKTOR KONTROL S8 demand more power than an average hardware controller, it can’t be used without a connected power supply unit.
Custom designed for professional transport of the S8, the TRAKTOR KONTROL S8 FLIGHT CASE provides rugged protection, removable panels, and a customizable interior – tailor made and recommended for TRAKTOR KONTROL S8.
Get the details on the TRAKTOR KONTROL S8 FLIGHT CASE here.
Though it isn’t possible to control TRAKTOR DJ directly with the S8, you can run the audio signal from the output of your iPhone, iPad, or any other external audio source through one of the S8’s mixer channels.
Yes, the TRAKTOR KONTROL S8 can also be used as a controller for any software that supports MIDI. Please note though, that the displays only work with TRAKTOR PRO 3 software.
The default S8 mapping is hardcoded and cannot be altered. You can however make your own user mapping to use instead and toggle between the two with SHIFT+BROWSE.
The S8 is designed to be the most comprehensive all-in-one DJ controller and already controls everything in TRAKTOR. You can, however, use it alongside other controllers. Adding an F1 for example means you don't have to switch between deck types on the S8 – allowing you to play Remix Decks and loops simultaneously.
Stems is a new format for music. A Stem file is an open, multi-channel audio file that contains a track split into four musical elements –bass, drums, vocals, and melody for example. TRAKTOR KONTROL S8’s enhanced decks are custom-designed for mixing with Stems.
You can find out more about the Stem format here.
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