How do I get a playlist from TRAKTOR PRO into TRAKTOR DJ?

Make sure you have the same playlist in your iTunes library. You can drag and drop all songs on the playlist into an empty playlist in iTunes or export an m3u playlist file from TRAKTOR to reimport into iTunes –whatever works best for you. Then sync the iTunes playlist with your iPad or iPhone.

Both the playlist and its songs will now appear in TRAKTOR DJ.

Please note that TRAKTOR PRO and TRAKTOR DJ playlists currently do not sync via Dropbox. This means that you can rename a playlist in TRAKTOR PRO, but the new name will not sync to TRAKTOR DJ.


Can I sync TRAKTOR DJ with multiple devices, e.g. can I sync two different iPads or one iPhone and one iPad?

Yes, you can sync multiple iPads/iPhones with copies of TRAKTOR DJ.


Can I use iTunes Match?

We strongly advise you to turn off this feature in iTunes. This feature may cause songs to be replaced by “nearly identical” music files from the iTunes store, but the subtle differences are enough to affect beatgrid and cue point alignments. Keep in mind this important data is stored in your actual music files.



Can I use TRAKTOR audio interfaces with TRAKTOR DJ?

Yes, you can use TRAKTOR AUDIO 2 (MK2), 6, or 10. The TRAKTOR KONTROL S4 (MK2) and S2 (MK2) controllers include integrated soundcards which can also be used with TRAKTOR DJ. Connect the interface to your iPad/iPhone via USB using the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit. You need the latest TRAKTOR AUDIO firmware update.


Why are the older TRAKTOR AUDIO 2 and AUDIO 4/8 DJ not supported?

These devices require special drivers . Currently iOS only supports class compliant devices (devices which do not require drivers). When creating the TRAKTOR AUDIO 6 and 10, we switched the hardware architecture to become class compliant – these devices can be used with iOS natively with a small firmware update. Although we also wish that the previous AUDIO 2, AUDIO 4 and 8 could be used with the iPad, it’s technically not possible at the moment. Please consider that these interfaces were designed before the first iPad was released!


Can I use other audio interfaces and DJ hardware with TRAKTOR DJ?

Yes, if the audio interface is fully class compliant. Please also note that unless the interface is specifically designed for iOS, the iPad/iPhone will not supply it with enough power. Please consult the manufacturer or product manual.


Can I operate TRAKTOR DJ via a hardware MIDI controller?

Yes. TRAKTOR DJ works seamlessly with TRAKTOR KONTROL Z1, TRAKTOR KONTROL S2, and TRAKTOR KONTROL S4 controllers.


Can I pre-listen to the next track without using an external audio interface?

Yes, by using the TRAKTOR DJ CABLE or similar. Please be aware that you'll only be able to hear each deck in mono.


Can I use TRAKTOR DJ as a control unit for TRAKTOR PRO 2, like Touch OSC or similar apps?

No. TRAKTOR DJ was designed to be a self-contained DJ app. There are other iPad/iPhone apps available that control TRAKTOR PRO 2 – Touch OSC is a good starting point.


Can I control TRAKTOR DJ via timecode (as a DVS) when I use it with TRAKTOR AUDIO 6 or 10?

No. To use timecode control in a professional context, we highly recommend our TRAKTOR SCRATCH product range and our TRAKTOR KONTROL Z2 2+2 channel control mixer.


Can I use an external HD with TRAKTOR DJ?

No. TRAKTOR DJ can only recognize songs that are part of the iTunes collection stored on your iPad/iPhone.



Can we expect constant updates with new features, e.g. more effects, new cue point types from TRAKTOR PRO etc.?

We’re constantly working on improving both TRAKTOR PRO and TRAKTOR DJ, and on providing updates with exciting new features and improvements. However, one of the strengths of TRAKTOR DJ is its simplicity and ease of use, and we’re dedicated to keeping it that way.


Can I use TRAKTOR DJ as an additional Deck within TRAKTOR PRO?

No. You can route TRAKTOR DJ's main output as a live input feed into TRAKTOR soundcards, but you won't be able to sync the tempo to TRAKTOR PRO's master tempo unless you do it by ear.
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