Grain Freeze

Granular freeze effect

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Colugo _
1.1 (Updated 6 years ago)
May 16, 2016
Reaktor 6


Simple effect which lets you instantly freeze or slow down the input signal via a gate input. The buffer is 441000 samples.

- Fixed some occasional clicks on gate on.
- Added "Joey Mode" switch. When enabled, the buffer is always traversed forwards. When disabled, the buffer may be traversed backwards as the speed value is decreased.


Christopher Murray
1 year ago
Ive downloaded the file, cant seem to get it to open in ableton? Am I to save it to a folder on my mac?
Quinn Hanratty
5 years ago
big fan of this one!
6 years ago
I like it and instal your block in my next patch.
Colugo _
6 years ago
Thanks for the feedback Joey I will hopefully get to it this weekend. I also noticed that in some cases there can be some small clicks produced on gate on/off so i want to also fix that
Joey Valizan
6 years ago
This is really interesting. I have a small suggestion for how you manage speed adjustments in relation to the read ramp counter.. Instead of multiplying the speed by the final output of the counter it might work better to change the counter module's increment value from 1 to a float input. If you look in any of granulizer blocks you'll find my version of the counter. I've noticed some unwanted pitch shifting when moving the speed knob. Making this change should fix that.
Greg Johnson
6 years ago
6 years ago
Nico Staelens
6 years ago
Another Gem! Thnx!
Omar Misa
6 years ago
BEAUTIFUL! And sounds so smooth when modulating the parameters.
Brett Lavallee
6 years ago
ty ty