Octaudio crackles

dedication to Loopy C

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2.0 (Updated 3 years ago)
May 17, 2016
Reaktor 6
Blocks Patches


more Busy Music
To bring Octaudio in move start the MIDI clock - that means press play.
For people they don't like busy music - stop the MIDI clock. And play Pandora MIDI only.
Superformula Dispertion 6 by Jim Hurley.
Background by Efflam Le Bivic.
Samples from nanoWave.
Recordable faders by Peter Dines.
Thanks to you.

For more info to Octaudio and Pandora MIDI look at prevs in the instruments.

Octaudio for Reaktor 5 is on board.
Pandora panel A and B are different.

1.0.1 - delete a small bug
2.0 - Block recordable fader based on development by Peter Dines and Joystick by Marius Heidrich.


Marc McNulty
1 year ago
Wow. This is a powerful tool. Thank you.
Eduard Rojas
3 years ago
Chris R Gibson
3 years ago
What a nice surprise/gesture! Thanks Paul ;-)