Sequencer "Block" for creating compositions with snapshots

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May 24, 2016
Reaktor 6
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uploaded a new ens that demostrate this technique being used to multieffect glitch sequences.
Remember that if you would like to make a knob or button be independent of a snapshot, you can unselect 'Include in Snapshot'. The first ensemble does this with the Bar Length knob. In the second one however, I included in the snapshot so each snapshot has its own specific length. You'll need to select the specific length you want for each snap otherwise it will revert to it's default

Michael Hetrick's example ensemble inspired me to make a master "block" that linearly moves through each snapshot to essentially make Reaktor act like a tracker. There are two knobs. The first one controls the length of each bar by setting how many steps it has. The second determines how many bars are in the entire sequence up until 100. This is a rough work in progress but I wanted to post it to show off the concept.


Joey Valizan
5 years ago
Yeah sorry, the idea is to 'store' the current snapshot every time a step increments. There seems to be an issue with it cloning the previous snapshot.. I'm guessing because the store impulse has to be delayed 1 ms to capture the new changes. I had some early success with it but now it seems cumbersome. best to turn it off for now and make your changes with the clock off. what I like to do is make it store every time a snapshot is modified, but I'm not sure if there is way to presently accomplish that.
David Coffin
5 years ago
Digging it, fun and useful! But admit I don't get the Live Write function; seems to overwrite existing snaps…?!
David Coffin
5 years ago
Cool; was just looking for something like this, thanks!