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January 20, 2001
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Other


this instrument is a little inspired by how 'oval' maketheir music. another reason for the name could bethe arrangement of the panel elements......i hope this sounds more interresting than'yet another recycler'


ian ainslie
10 years ago
Love this ensemble. Great for squeezing out ambient soundstages
marc billon
11 years ago
thanks for all
Clifton Cameron
11 years ago
Simply magical. Thank you for your Labor of Love Martin. Thanks again.
James McIntosh
13 years ago
a favorite i come back to often. much thanks for your ensembles.
Martyn Palmer
13 years ago
I've been using this .ens for backgound sounds in many tracks. Also the sounds that come from it are excellent and aways unexpected, which gets me going back all the time to see what else will come about.
Jan Schmidli
14 years ago
great stuff! very cool concept! gelungene sache! thx
kurt otto
15 years ago
When I saw this ensemble, that's when knew FOR SURE Martin Brinkmann is a genius. I was describing this masterpiece to world class keyboard tech, Will Alexander (Keith Emerson, Herbie Hancock, No Doubt), and every time I would describe certain "brinkmann novelties", Will would repeat back, "You're scaring me."
Artur Nowak
16 years ago
Creative idea, very nice results, close to Oval esthetics indeed. Well done, as always :-)
Angel Sánchez
16 years ago
I was breakbeatin with this, I enjoy to do jumping the accent of the beat with no minimal heart, and suddenly everything turns into wonderful noise and cracked harmonies. Love it not only because gets you near to Oval but gets you near to an unpredictable shape.