Turing Machine Mk2 plus Pulses and Volts Expanders

Based on the Eurorack Turing Machine Mk2 by Music Thing

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June 10, 2016
Reaktor 6
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Turing Machine Blocks

The turing machine block is based on the amazing Music Thing's Turing Machine Eurorack module by Tom Whitwell. We recreated the modules based on the original schematics of the Mk2 version. Besides the main module we also created the two Mk2 expanders: Volts and

Connecting in Reaktor Blocks
The 3 modules work together so they need to be connected in the right way to work correctly. The turing machine module has 8 P outputs which should be connected to the 8 P inputs on the Pulses module. The 8 V outputs should be connected to the 8 V inputs on the Volts module. The Gate input can be typically connected to a clock source (e.g. the Clock Block), you can of course add a Clock Divider in between.

The pulses module has 11 separate gate outputs plus 1 selectable gate output, the latter outputs the gate signal selected by the encoder on the module.

The volts module out you typically connect to a VCO pitch input or first connect it to a quantiser.
The main module can also operate standalone without the expansions connected, simply connect the Out to a VCO Pitch input.

Please note that you can connect more then 1 Pulses or Volts expander to 1 Turing Machine !

Turing Machine Controls
Prob: Determines the probability of a bit being swapped from 0 to 1 (or viceversa).
All right locks the sequence of bits, all left locks the sequence in a “mobius loop” mode.
Length: Sets the length of the sequence Scale: Scales the range of the pitch output +/-: Writes a 1 or a 0 bit in the shift register AB: Modulation inputs

Pulses Expander Controls
Output: Selects 1 of the 11 gated outputs

Volts Expander Controls
1 till 5: Controls the voltage of active bit

For more detailed information of how the turing machine works please visit the Music Thing
website: https://github.com/TomWhitwell/TuringMachine/

Music Thinking Machines


ben melech
2 months ago
Vaughn Stegeman
9 months ago
LOVE IT!! Great implementation. Better than the one in EuroReakt
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11 months ago
awesome thanks
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1 year ago
A M A Z I N G !
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1 year ago
Niiiiice one! Thank you!
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1 year ago
Excellent,thank you
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1 year ago
Quality blocks, very well done.
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1 year ago
Best blocks around! Thanks for the amazing work.
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1 year ago
outstanding, thank you!
Music Thinking Machines
1 year ago
Thanks for the note, fixed that now :)
Bryce Upright
1 year ago
Almost passed this up because it wasn't labeled a Block. :-)
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1 year ago
Excellent work!