An adjusted old Reverb algorithm

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1.0 (Updated 5 years ago)
June 17, 2016
Reaktor 5 or lower
Effect Delay based


This was one of my first attempts to implement an simple and not so DSP heavy Reverb algorithm. According to Manfred Schroeder, you could create Reverb by sending a signal through a series of Allpass and/or Comb Filters, which is the basic concept of SCHROEDER.
The signal is sent through 4 delay lines simultaneously, each with a feedback loop. The delay times are all set a bit apart. After that follows a series of 2 allpass filters. This goes for each channel (L/R). With "TIME" you can alter the delay time, with "INTENSITY" the amount of feedback. Both can be used to lengthen the reverberation effect. Additionally there is a simple "HP" and "LP" filter to shape the tone of the reverb tail.
Disclaimer: This implementation is not exactly as Schroeder has presented it.

Shiny knobs are included as always, jKnobman however felt like adding pixel errors into them... for whatever reason.

- SCHROEDER implemented and GUI created
- comes with 14 awesomelicious presets, from cheap room/hall recreations to crazy comb and glistening effects



Raj Bobby RK
5 years ago
Thank you very much Eduard Telik bro...!! very nice echo/reverb effects.