96th Util Clock

A clock block with 24 ppqn resolution

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1.0 (Updated 6 years ago)
June 21, 2016
Reaktor 6


I wanted a clock block with 1/96 resolution to make triplets as easy as using Reaktor's MIDI in clocks. Here's the block plus a demo ensemble with three snaps demonstrating patterns created with different divisions of the 1/96 clock.

Note that changing the values in the clock divider will require a clock restart. So will changing snaps if the divisors change. This isn't a bug in the 96th clock hack, it's how the clock divider works. If you're using "ext" mode in the clock block, just hit option (alt) -space to restart the clock. You can also activate the reset on the util clock, set to 96, but that will have the effect of setting long looping patterns to reset too quickly. IMHO.

Further discussion here: http://reaktortips.com/2016/06/drive-your-reaktor-blocks-patches-with-a-high-res-clock.html


gentleclockdivider .
5 years ago
Nice , but it still is not a workaround for using triplets with the provided sequencers , since each sequencer needs a separate resett .. Say master ppqn is 96 /24 for quarter notes .. Dividide 96 /16 for quarter triplets ( quarter note triplet = duration of 2 quarter notes ) Now we need a reset for both the sequencer driving the quarter notes and the one driving the triplet quarter . As long as the master clock/clockdivider doesn't provide separate reset times we're stuck
Peter Dines
6 years ago
One thing you could do is change the button mode in the properties from toggle to gate. It will reset on start as long as it's set to "int" rather than "ext". As a beginner, I highly recommend you check out the primary level "Clock Osc" module.
David A
6 years ago
Hi Peter, I'm building a blocks patch where I'm triggering sequencers with different clocks from midi keys, I tried midi learning a midi key to the play button but I think the problem was that it would alternate between playing and stopped with each key press rather than running on press and stopped on note release. A reset input similar to the oscillator reset input would be ideal and or control over the play button with a gate signal. I'm new to reaktor so not sure how easy a splice would be :)
Peter Dines
6 years ago
David A: depends what you mean by gate. Easiest thing to do would be to put the clock in int(ernal) mode then MIDI-learn the util clock's play button with a note on / off or CC. I suppose you could splice in a Blocks audio-style gate with a little work too, if you wanted it to be switched on and off by, for example, a very low amplitude square wave.
David A
6 years ago
Looks like the built in clock block doesn't have any inputs, would be great if the clock could be started and stopped using a gate signal. would this be an easy mod?