KORE KONTROL (Maschine Sequencer mod)

Eight-channel trigger sequencer

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0.3 (Updated 4 years ago)
July 13, 2016
Reaktor 6


The KORE KONTROL is an 8-channel, 16-step trigger sequencer. Each channel has independent controls for the attributes DIVISION, DIRECTION, LENGTH, and START, making it easy to quickly create complex polyrhythmic patterns. The eight pattern slots allow you to store and recall patterns in their entirety. Patterns can be copied and pasted between slots by using the COPY and PASTE buttons. Additionally, the KORE KONTROL features an Euclidean pattern generator that can be used to populate a channel with an algorithmically generated sequence. Although designed to be used in conjunction with the MASCHINE MK2 controller, all parameters are available in the software panel, allowing you to use the KORE KONTROL without a MASCHINE MK2 controller.

To setup the KORE KONTROL for use with your KORE 2 controller:

1. Launch the Native Instruments Controller Editor 1.7.4 application, go to File > Open Configuration and open the "KORE KONTROL.nck" template.

2. Switch your KORE 2 controller to MIDI mode by pressing [F1] on the controller.

3. Open the Audio and MIDI Settings in REAKTOR and go to the MIDI tab. In the Inputs pane, set the "Kore controller 2 (MIDI input port)" (OS X) / "Kore controller 2 In" (Win) entry to "On". In the Outputs pane, set the "Kore controller 2 (MIDI output port)" (OS X) / "Kore controller 2 Out" (Win) entry to "On".

--> You can now use your KORE 2 controller to play and program the KORE KONTROL in Blocks.