Dynamics Isolator

Can separate sounds between 2 different thresholds

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1.0 (Updated 5 years ago)
July 19, 2016
Reaktor 5 or lower
Effect Dynamics


This effect can take information from either the left channel or the right channel or a stereo summed as mono to give dynamics
to the envelope followers for detecting volume variations in the input audio signal and to allow the user to set the attack and decay parameters + the threshold sliders for processing the sound.

A button is even included to be able to reverse the processing so what it currently isolates can even be removed so that the
threshold parameters can essentially be used to set which dynamic range to be silent.

For me at least.
I will be using this effect processor to separate quiet sounds that falls between 2 different thresholds.
Mostly for working on sounds that has been bandsplitted before reaching the reaktor vst.

And the audio files that i create with this audio effect processor.
I will use them in limiters and compressors outside the reaktor environment.
I will be able to enhance specific features of a song mix without affecting the rest that is outside the threshold boundaries.

Vst effect plugins that only have one threshold control, is unable achieve my music mixing goals. And that is where my (Dynamics Isolator) reaktor effect processor comes in to use.

My reaktor effect can even be used creatively.
For example make sure that the left and right channels are vastly different.
In the (Stereo mixer). Use maximal amount.
(Stereo summing) as -1.
Channel sourcing as +1.

And there you go faking sidechain capabilities.

Have fun.

Creation by Jedinhopy Xelon.


Jedinhopy Xelon
3 years ago
@ (Mary Jean-Philippe),. Thank you for liking it.
Mary Jean-Philippe
4 years ago
Huh yes!!! Very good concept, simple & effective... I love it!!!