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Sequenced Synthesizer

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1.0 (Updated 4 years ago)
July 25, 2016
Reaktor 5 or lower


Sequenced Synthesizer created to make the new EP by Demon Ray on Irrational Media
uses a couple of old macros from the user library, full credits to be given as soon as I can trace back where they came from....created in jan 2015

more info to come

Uses Limelite Magic macro (one of my favs)
Includes the SSL Compressor for the output by Benjamin Suthers (awesome!)

most knobs have hover info

Thanks to all who upload stuff to this user library, you inspire me everyday.


Artem Moroz
5 months ago
Thank You!!!
Gennaro Giugliano
3 years ago
many thanks defunkt dialekt
Richard Figone
4 years ago
Oh my lord. Instant glitch and robot sounds. Thank you so much.
Defunkt Dialekt
4 years ago
Thanks to you all for comments... @Tino Müller .. it's hitting 15% of my CPU i7 8GB ram, Molekular hits 70% sometimes, I thought it's not bad, I know reaktor etiquette was to keep everything at 10% max but since these big ensembles like Molekular or Twisted Tools stuff came out I though no one cared anymore about CPU.... Bounce, save and repeat is my process.
remco dijk
4 years ago
cool stuff!
4 years ago
cool idea but really heavy on CPU
4 years ago
hellyeah! this is why i purchased reaktor!
mikimo sosumi
4 years ago
robin hase
4 years ago
loving this! sequencer's a bit fiddly but i'm getting insane textures out of it. really digging the ep as well (:
Defunkt Dialekt
4 years ago
Thank you all for the great comments, this feedback motivates me a lot, really appreciated, it's hard to judge sometimes on my own in my living room if these ensembles are any use to anyone else.... so yeah massive thanks for your support.
4 years ago
yes! loving this beast!
David Coffin
4 years ago
LOVE it, thanks!
Ng Mui
4 years ago
Very nice, wicked sounds!
4 years ago
Sascha Sachs
4 years ago
So cool! I really love the snapshots you've made!