Bento Synth

A lightweight polyblock perfect for block patches

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v 1.1a (Updated 5 years ago)
July 30, 2016
Reaktor 6


update 1.1a
fixed a small graphical bug with the drop down menu. Coincidentally, if any one is interested in modifying the drop down list menu I created for there own use, feel free. It wouldn't be hard to make it work for any purpose. Send me a message on forum if you need explanation.

update 1.1
After some experimenting I decided it would be easier to implement scale/microtuning internally. It has 13 scales to choose from, which you can pick from a custom designed drop down menu! oo so exciting..

It's certainly not a block but it's structure is derivative of what you would expect in inside of a block, so let's split the different. I'll just call it an instrument to avoid the flames of semantics.

At it's core, Bento synth is three blocks (Bento OSC, ADSR, SVF), stitched together in an elaborate way to make it a fully functional, yet simplistic polyphonic instrument. The point of this project was to create a polyphonic synth that could be integratable into a block patch, at little cpu cost.

Now Because of it's polyphony, the synth is unable to accept direct Pitch and Gate signals to drive it. Instead it relies on on MIDI input. It can be played directly through a MIDI keyboard or by connecting a sequencer block to the Util Midi Out block and routing it's output to the Bento Synth.

Bento Synth features a number of optional outputs. monophonic versions of it's envelopes. It's also a source of Pitch and Gate for slave oscillator's driving it's sync, phase or FM control.

Bento Synth is a proof of concept. I hope that this will help lead to further discussion, and then development and then even a framework or template to provide a reasonable pathway for other reaktor builders to add polyphony to block-like instruments, in a cpu-friendly and semi-modular fashion.

It features ABCD modulation and a mod bypass button.


Joey Valizan
5 years ago
Yeah, just open up Bento Synths properties. Under the Function tab you'll see Voices, change that number to whatever you'd like the voice limit to be.
Steffen Scholz
5 years ago
Great! is it possible to modify it in a way that we can play more than 4 notes?
Joey Valizan
5 years ago
The biggest issue with adding that block is space. I suppose it could be added to panel B. I think it would probably be easier to modify Ken's block to have midi out and then port that signal to Bento Synth.
Reinhard Bueb
5 years ago
That's step into the future. Is is possible to add this microtuning block
Brett Lavallee
5 years ago
The future is looking bright. Thanks for sharing your work, and ideas. I will try this soon, it looks great.