MotionClusters5.02.01 (pers.extension.project.beta)

Automating Motion Clusters, Santiago Vilanova's masterpiece

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2.01 (Updated 5 years ago)
August 03, 2016
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sequencer


Motion Clusters, recently updated by its creator, is in my opinion the most interesting and deeply engaging MIDI note-sequencing device ever offered to Reaktor users, or in fact, that I've seen, ever, anywhere—at least it suits MY interests perfectly! Making it even more personally useful has been pretty much all I've been doing with Reaktor since it first appeared. Lately, with some one-on-one help from salamanderanagram (highly recommended as a personal R consultant, thank you!), I went beyond simple snap-making and started reshaping the instrument itself by adding more ways to map the basic output to various scales and shapes, simply by patching in a handful of modules that do that from various previous UL uploads, and adding a bank of IC-sending step sequencers (thanks to Peter Dines for his elegant roux device!) to the original Master ensemble, ver5. And since the Mapping changes required making the original panel bigger, I added a few other tweaks, like more steps to the Pitch Sequencer, some bigger knobs, and range controls.

There's a LOT of problems beyond my understanding to fix, notably how several of the new mappers suddenly stopped responding to their own controls after working fine when first installed, and plenty of potential further refinements, like adding randomizers (to the Pitch sequencer and roux and…?) and better, clearer controls for the roux seqs, besides just making them taller… And some weird stuff with MC itself, for all of which I certainly welcome suggestions! But I'm pleased enough with the WIP so far that I thought it worth posting. I profoundly hope that anybody else who's taken a shine to MC will post ideas, maybe tinker with and repost this little pastiche, whatever. Thanks once again to Santiago for this amazing creation, and to all the other UL posters whose work inspires and assists!

I added several banks to the Master ensemble, along with the previous snaps I'd made for earlier MC and Steampipe, which document my explorations with both the new MC and my new additions; they should act reasonably well as little tutorials on the very basics of what they can all do individually and together, esp. if selected/auditioned sequentially, as made. I always set the Snaps to follow the clicked instruments, and simply click on the main panel background to get back to the Master snaps. Of course I left in the original master snaps from ver 5, but they naturally work haphazardly with all my additions, while remaining excellent starting points for more exploration. Don't forget to TURN ON THE CLOCK!

Ver 2: Added more IC-Send modulators, deleted not-working scale-modifers and added a new one; added a new bank of Master snaps, and changed the panel colors. And recorded a longish demo video, for both SV's original, and these new mods of mine, bottom link—the other is for SV's original.

The best part of this whole exercise for me was realizing while editing that the gated button, which I'd switched off last year and never gave another thought to until now, might be a really useful tool in taming Steampipe during master-snap changes. I threw that idea into the video with a text annotation, but went back afterwards to try it out…and WOW! It's perfect for this. Gee, ya think Santiago put it there for a reason?! Thanks yet again:)


5 years ago
Thanks David, in my just finished album are a lot of from your newest ensemble messed up:
David Coffin
5 years ago
After I realized while editing how the "gated" button might be useful in making Steampipe snap changes less explosive, I went back and tried it out; it works REALLY well, definitely the best solution I've found yet, and quite easy to manage the timing so it's not even noticeable, so long as the BPM isn't racing furiously.
Michael Bourne
6 years ago
Let me be the first to thank you, wow. Love it :)