Three essential controller modules.

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Marius H.
1.0 (Updated 4 years ago)
August 21, 2016
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The JOYSTICK has one function: It acts as a 2-dimensional controller used with the mouse or with a touchscreen. The X and Y outputs can be used as modulation sources.


The KEYBOARD module has a Pitch output and a Gate output that can be triggered with the keys. On panel A are 12 keys and on panel B are 49 keys.

Beside that, an external midi controller can be used, too. The MIDI CH. control defines if only the internal keys are working (INTERN) or if the internal keys working beside an external midi controller.


The RIBBON CONTROLLER is a pitch and modulation source. Designed for use with a touchscreen, but it can be used also with a mouse.

On Panel B are longer versions of the Plate and the Ribbon.


John Wise
4 years ago
You might want to reach out to Michael Hetrick as he resolved that with his Block collection.
Marius H.
4 years ago
Thank you very much John! Guys like you give me the motivation to keep up my work. I've already checked Colugo's Instrument Browser a couple of weeks ago and I did it again today. I've not a single clue how I can fix this problem. It would be maybe better to contact Colugo.
John Wise
4 years ago
Time to make another donation...and make a request. Please look at your Blocks in Colugo's Instrument Browser, some of your stuff is missing a title and all of your Blocks are capitalized. It's probably due to my early days on the internet, but I really do feel that your captions in the Browser are yelling at me :) Keep up the great work and the surprises you continue to deliver.