SOKOLOV Compu+NewSeq+Optimus Prime

4 IC Mod seq and MIDI trig FX added to fab UL C64 drum mach.

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August 29, 2016
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sequencer


Just met SOKOLOV ( this weekend. Wow.
…and HMMMmm??! decided that modding the sample selections would be cool, so dropped in 4 little Factory Lib IC sequencers; nice! Made a-bunch-a Master snaps (just click on the ensemble background).

Then puzzled over how to add FX since the outs on the original weren't so basic…so added a mixer, which seemed to work—then, which effect? Of course, Optimus Prime!(! Bingo.

The demo starts with a couple of the same original patches with lots of different sample sequencing setup snaps, then another same preset with one of the sequencer sliders moved around while looping and sometimes redrawing in new patterns, then another same preset sequenced then with Prime being sloppily triggered; you'll know what to do.

Big thanks to Tom and Donald—Fun!