Far stranger than an organ

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1.2 (Updated 1 year ago)
September 18, 2016
Reaktor 6


“It disgusts me … and I can’t stop thinking about it.”
—Nancy Wheeler

“Macabre and spellbinding. Appearing as if out of nowhere.”
—Mr. Clarke

A demonic organ drone machine full of horrifying ambiences and ethereal detuned pads. Inspired heavily by its namesake—as well as a fairly popular recent series on Netflix—this ensemble can get unruly. Be safe with your volumes.

Built with some pieces of a mystery synth from the user library that I once downloaded and tore apart. For the life of me I can not seem to locate that ensemble to give proper credit to the user. My apologies.

Also used in this ensemble:
BND Wavebender block by Colugo
Final Out from Michael Hetrick

V1.2 Updated GUI scopes and BitCrusher effect


bernard sanchez
1 month ago
Wording was easy to understand, no difficulty whatsoever reading this.
ian ainslie
5 months ago
Holy crap, this is good. Mr. Beasley, you, as they say, have got it going on.
Olivio Sarikas
5 months ago
This is such an amazin instrument. i totally love it
Jay Sachtjen
9 months ago
shoot, wish it worked with Reaktor 5, will have to wait until i get version 6
Alex Galan
9 months ago
Sounds from outer space, very fun to program. thank you very much!
11 months ago
Spectacular sound and design. Well played sir!
Anton Crowley
12 months ago
Not only does it look bad ass, it sounds great too. Stuff like this is what makes Reaktor so cool. Thanks man.
Kostas Karamitas
1 year ago
Great work on both the audio and the UI
Jon Grönvall
1 year ago
I love this, sounds absolutely stunning and got the looks to inspire- thank you!
Henrik Larsen
1 year ago
Wow. This is a good synth. So good that I had to use it in a few songs. Thanks ;-)
Javier Casas
1 year ago
Mike Cupino
1 year ago
Amazing instrument. Now I have a synth to fuel my Stranger Things Madness!!!! One thing, is it me or does it sound like left or right output channel is phase inverted from the other???? Maybe you did it for a reason???? Great work, thanks!!!
Christian Huygen
1 year ago
Very stylish, both visually and aurally. Congrats and thanks.
1 year ago
Yup it's fixed now. Thanks for updating.
brice beasley
1 year ago
Thanks Brett! I took a look at your recommendation for the bit-crusher, but unfortunately that fix is a bit over my head it seems. I did replace the entire process macro with the latest version of the Euro Reakt stereo bit-crusher, though I am not sure anything changed (?) Either way, I uploaded V1.1 with this adjustment.
1 year ago
Very nice work. I love the LED knobs and the look in general. Great sounds as well, my favorite is snapshot 4. Unfortunately one bug-fix I recommend is to update the SRR macro in your bit-crusher, it seems you grabbed an old version. It's easy though, just replace the number "44100" with a SR.R pickup. This makes it work properly at any sample rate. Currently it will always affect the sound at higher rates, even when it's off.
GG.G SakabeaT
1 year ago
nice one buddy... very nice and interesting "synth"