Bézier Monster

bézier & ring modulation

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October 09, 2016
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My first BLOCKS Patch ...
this block patch is based on two of Paul Rogats Bézier Blocks **thanks !!! and
Amazing Machines RingModulator **thanks !!! Great Respect to you guys ...

I always like instruments that are somewhere between percussion and lead instrument, so this one certainly goes in that direction.

I'm probably going to update & refine this so ... its a bit crude ...


- the switch allows you to choose between note in and internal note sequencer.
- the bezier clock is responsible for the steps / swing of the sequence.
- the monark envelope is the modulator A. And the Bezier lfo is the modulator B.
Also ...
- use the glide in the sequencer !!!
- use the ring modulator !!!
- dial the bezier lfo to higher frequencies !!!


2 years ago
Thanks for the smaller one.
2 years ago
Bryan, thanks and please compress your upload.