6 band threshold EQ

Tweak the spectrum without making the changes static

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1.0 (Updated 4 years ago)
October 15, 2016
Reaktor 5 or lower
Effect Dynamics


This equalizer allows you to boost and cut parts of the spectrum without making the frequency response changes static like a traditional classic equalizer.

This equalizer on the other hand does allow you to set thresholds for all bands separately.
The thresholds responds differently depending on the filter-bank spectrum analysis dynamics.

It can for example be used on high mid transients to increase or decrease their volume when it falls above the set threshold for that specific band.

It can even boost or cut parts of the spectrum that is not true to the analysis frequencies by simply using the (EQ bands) fader/slider.

It is not only made for processing things like percussive drums or similar.

It can even be used creatively to make transients appear on audio material that previously had none. It's because once one of the resonances crosses the threshold back and forth.
A transient is created. Just set the (Attack) and (Decay) parameters for the envelope followers to be low and don't forget to set this one low as well:
(Parameter smoothing) to make sure that the fake transients really becomes apparent. Short lived temporary resonant peaks = fake transients.


Robin Necron
4 years ago
not tested yet but if this works it is highly valueble!