LaunchPad mini control

LaunchPad mini control

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V4.4r (Updated 5 years ago)
November 01, 2016
Reaktor 6
Instrument Other


V4.4 -colours change in real time and fixed a few bugs

V4 - now integrates fully,communication is both ways, so changing some control on the computer will change it on the LP.
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LaunchPad mini control
translates button pushes to on/offs and ic sends,ready to be sent to what ever needs it.
view b allows you to choose 4 colours for the pads.
there is a clear button that clears all and resets what ever its controlling to off.
One thing to watch out for is making sure that it only talks to the LP and nothing else talks to it and the same with the LP.
only tested on a launchpad mini mark 1.
another useful utility


Chris Rollason
3 years ago
Mostly works, issue with one of the lights always being off when I open a saved file (column 1 square button 2 from top)
michael lancaster
6 years ago
@Kev Does the original LP work i.e. it does switch the switches and the monitor lights work,But the pads on the LP don't light.If thats the case then its just a case of trying different colour codes.
Kev McKeown
6 years ago
No joy using this with the original LP however works with the iPadLaunch Buttons LP simulation and Wul's Lemur L'pad v2! Thanks!
michael lancaster
6 years ago
tutorial on assigning IC sends/receives :
michael lancaster
6 years ago
I think that the pad codes are the same so it should work,I don't have one to test...only one way to find out....give it a try!!
Quinn Hanratty
6 years ago
would this work with a regular launchpad?
Jonathan Tremblay
6 years ago
nice, makes me wish I had a launchpad.