ugh geigerDrum


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0.1 (Updated 17 years ago)
March 23, 2001
Reaktor 5 or lower


Hear Mr. Geiger beat the drum!(Physical Modeling drum played by a four-channel time quantized geiger trigger...)Thanks to Thomas Weijers and Christoph Jaeger for additional snapshots. Comments and suggestions welcome!


randy adams
12 years ago
great sound RandyAdams
Maximilian Schäfer
14 years ago
Very nice PM instrument. Physical modeled drums are too rare!
albert casais
16 years ago
Really wonderful ens. Kind of like the drum counterpart to Steampipe.
Guy Sigsworth
16 years ago
Can I second that emotion? Geiger Drum is brilliant, and it'd be great to hear a lot more modules dedicated to physically modelled percussion.
Heath Rezabek
17 years ago
i am actually rating this an 8 simply out of a desire to see more work like it and to encourage the creation of physically-modeled percussion Ensembles. SteamPipe was the thing that made me decide to purchase Reaktor Session, by virtue of the incredibly rich physically modeled sounds it counld generate. if its models were somehow linked into an Ensemble such as geigerD, the results would be tremendous. i do also love the relative simplicity of the panel layout and the tool as a whole. i wish there was more of an on-board way to randomize the rhythm itself, with a simple little random button tied directly to the rhythm. but i am also extremely new to RS, so i am hampered by a seedling knowledge of how to make it go. :) nevertheless, such Ensembles as these will always draw my attention and votes, as i really love the richness of sound that physical modelling can grant, and as there are far too many [imho] Sequenced Synths which only use techno-ish sound, and none [that i've seen so far] which use physically-modeled and organic-sounding drums. it's a credit to this concept that the Ensemble sounds this rich several years on. anyone going to carry the torch..?
nicolas grande
18 years ago
Keep on going, physical modeling is great, so is this instrument !!
Phil Durrant
18 years ago
now the geiger oscillator works on v4 for Macs, i can use this. it is lovely.