Scanner Synth v1.0

My first shared Blocks Synthesizer

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1.0 (Updated 6 years ago)
November 08, 2016
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This one is a kind of experimental synthesizer I made for one of my projects. So may it's useful for someone. I use it for a lead sound, but you can make many different sounds with it. It has three oscillators wich you can tune separately. Also three vocoders are there and some other features to form the sound you need. Credit to the people who share the blocks I used in this synthesizer.

How it works:
Version 1.0

From left to right it starts with two LFOs for the Wayo-Wayo of each oscillator. With the crossfader you can mix the sound of the oscillator and the Wayo-Wayo. But just the sound of the oscillator went thru the filter. As next you can drop a sample to the stereo sample looper to modulate the vocoder. With the Dry/Wet knob of the vocoder section you can add the vocoder signal. At the end of each row you find an envelope for the VCAs.

The source for the FM modulation of the filter and the stereo sample looper is the oscillator in the same row. The source for the FM modulation of the oscillator in the first two rows is the oscillator in the third row. And if needed you can use the output of the first oscillator as input for the third oscillator.

The row at the bottom gives you one delay for each oscillator row, a mixer and an over all reverb.

I hope this will help you to use the Scanner Synth.

Have fun,


Malte Klima
6 years ago
This synthesizer was much to complex for many computers, but I like the idea behind. So I removed two rows of blocks and add/change some other blocks. Now it needs less then the half of CPU power and still sounds good. The new one called WAYOVOC and you can find it here: