NO SEQ w/ SEQ (Adlais+LFOs)

Hi-Speed Collision tween sev. rec. UL UPLs

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November 16, 2016
Reaktor 6


Much as I've been loving NO SEQ SYNTH, I'd never actually tried the SEQ version, but on my way to doing that, I decided to just drop the lovely recent Klee-Thing, Adlais into it, so I could take advantage of all the recent snap banks it already has…and then I thought I'd see if anything in that holy matrimony could benefit from some un-orthodox shaking up, so I dragged in a couple of IC-sending factory LFOs I'm fond of…liked it! (So far, only hooked up to Adlais, but many other delights await…)

So, here's yet anther bank of snaps, carefully selected from the existing ones to work…interestingly…with the new seq/modwheel. Of course, it would behoove to just check out all the previous snaps with seq running… Malte, you've created a sweet, sweet monster, thank you! And to JT for exposing yet more of it [bowing].


David Coffin
3 years ago
Can a block have IC sends?
Malte Klima
3 years ago
That's cool! I wish Adlais and the LFOs as blocks, just because optical reasons.