Snap bank for Cords4 w LFOs added

Bliss! A new santiago vilanova seq. =snaps from me

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November 21, 2016
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sequencer


This is another masterpiece of naturalistic, human-player-evoking sequencing from Santiago Vilanova, as is Motion Clusters—IF that's what you want to do with them… Which isn't usually quite so accessible an option with many other sequencers, no matter how otherwise wonderful. My opinion, anyway. These devices just lead me there, so willingly; THANK you sir! Came with Steampipe 1 and that's what I used it with, a perfect match.

I can never resist adding a little more automation to them, to bring out even more of the natural, surprising flow and shift of MIDI events, more automatic, but never mechanistic, variations, at least to my ears.

Anyway, here's a record of yet another wonderful afternoon spent toying with a Vilanova MIDI masterwork, just slightly tampered with. All are variants on the supplied snaps, most are auto-playing (and all need the clock to be running), but one group (majminkeys) is set to need triggering and holding keys from the user. Several more are set to be transposable from a keyboard; look for the K/T button to be bright yellow. Bliss indeed, for me; hope some others will enjoy…


Greg Killmaster
6 years ago
fantastic additions! thank you!
6 years ago
Thanks David.