Traktor Scratcher


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0.1 (Updated 19 years ago)
March 26, 2001
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sampler


This Scratcher is the prototype for the scratching algorithm implemented in Traktor.In Reaktor, use it like this:1. load a sample2. switch Loop to On in the sampler properties (if not already)3. press Start and the "turntable" will start spinning and playing the sound4. press "Q" or middle-C to "grab" the "record" with your "finger"5. move the Scratch slider with the mouse or remote to move the "finger" to scratch the sound6. release "Q" to let the record return to normal speed7. keep doing 4., 5. and 6.8. optionally press "W" to mute the sound for short periods


David Moxon
13 years ago
This is exactly what I was looking for and it works very well. It lets you do a convincing record stop sound, and good vinyl record scratching sound of a sample, without the hassle of a real turntable.
Nathan Ramella
15 years ago
With a little modification I was able to use this with my Vestax VCI-100 with reasonable results. Since it was built with a mod-wheel in mind you can only scratch +/- sample increments from where you start scratching.. However, this ensemble is a great starting point for a VCI-100 specific instrument as it handles the majority of concepts such as friction and velocity of scratches already. Hopefully 4 years later the author will see this and know that his work is still helping people out. Thanks!
Eduardo Acosta
15 years ago
I can open an ensemble but how do I load an instrument?
Harald Nehring
16 years ago
I use this scatchengine with a(selfbuild) detector for the final scatch records with an cheap Numark TT500 turntable (+ a Shure M44-7). Now, the detector can detect the speed and the direction. I am sure that ist also possible to get the position information (in future)! the idea: Digital scratching without these bloody preamps! Your Opinion? (I from Germany)
Donald Grimble
17 years ago
hi. like the unit. have a few concerns though. The reverse function only works when I click it with the mouse. When I use my midi controller it resets the sample as though I hit 'zero'. It only comes close to operating correctly when I turn the friction a little above zero. even then its REALLY 'buggy'. I think its just me or the bugs in reaktor. I run a mac G4, tiger. 1.2 ghz 1gig ram
Vertecs Recordings
18 years ago
James, please share them...
james jackson
18 years ago
This really is a fantastic unit, I have lots of tips on how to get the best of it
james jackson
18 years ago
I use cc 1 to control the "finger". Is there a way for an LFO to control the finger, and maybe it's strength to be controlled by cc 1? Please, Pretty Please?
Matthew Garrison
18 years ago
It's killin! One of the best.
james jackson
18 years ago
Fantastic!!!!! One thing - cue points to make this even better. Good work!!!
David Horwitz
19 years ago
once you get the hang on it awesome!!! I've been looking for this for a long time!!