RS-02a Audio Mixer/Noise

Audio mixer and Noise generator Block by Reaktion Sound

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December 03, 2016
Reaktor 6
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RS-02a Audio Mixer/Noise [made with v6.0.3]

The RS-02a Block is a 4 channels audio mixer with controls for level and on/off state and with custom built-in Sigmoid soft saturator in the output.

The first three channels control the first three inputs while the fourth channel has a different behaviour: an automatic signal detector circuit is used to verify if there is an active audio signal. If nothing is connected to the Input 4 a built-in White Noise generator will be used and summed to the other three channels; when an audio signal is connected to the Input 4 it will automatically replace the internal noise generator (the panel label will also change from "NOISE" to "EXT" and the noise generator will have no CPU load).

The Core Macro with the Active Signal Detector is also included separately, ready to be used anywhere.
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