Modified version of MW's AXYS block

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David X
2.3 (Updated 2 months ago)
December 14, 2016
Reaktor 6
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A modified version of MW's AXYS XY pad block

Switch to 'B' view for a larger pad with extra controls for gate outputs and four ABCD modes

V1.1 Added a gate input to to simulate a mouse button click.
V1.2 Add the ability to record and trigger 3 different looped 'phrases' (Thanks to Peter Dines for his 'Freshmaker' macro & Paul Rogat for the LFO driver from Bezyeah LFO).
V1.3 Smooth crossfading between the 3 loops with the AB modulation.
V1.4 Fixes some stuff.
V1.5 Improved the phrase looper, added 'sync' option and 'sine mode' plus other stuff
V2.0 Lower CPU, added trace and extra snapshots.
V2.1 Added Pitch output and TouchOSC template.
V2.2 New ABCD mode with movable ABCD points (see ABCD snapshot, right-click points to move them). 'Radius' editing with right click (thanks to Colugo for 2D drawing library).
V2.3 Bug Fix.


1 month ago
Love it!
david bick
2 months ago
Thanks! excellent block that I can see many possibilities for.
brad wutke
2 months ago
any .esn so i can see how to hook this up, sorry i am a noob and this looks rad!
David X
2 months ago
Hi David, I just fixed it so any signal crossing to positive at the gate input will trigger the block.
david bick
5 months ago
how does the main gate input work? does this require a particular type of signal? it shows up with a yellow dot and won't allow patching from clock or other gate seqs.
M Messier
6 months ago
Crazy good!
Worwell _
10 months ago
I love this Block. I used it here to sequence/pan a modular patch:
Omar Misa
1 year ago
Awesome! That's more than i expected to happen. With a clock on it, it loops mouse gestures :D Thanks!
David X
1 year ago
Cool :) Done
Omar Misa
1 year ago
Nice Block, David. One suggestion i have is for another Gate input, to simulate a mouse-left-click. This would be useful in conjunction with the 'Return' parameter