Simple but funny.

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1.1.0 (Updated 2 years ago)
December 19, 2016
Reaktor 6


This is a simple but powerful subtractive synth. The synth has some really interesting capabilities to create weird sounds. That's how I came up with the name. Have fun and leave constructive criticism below :)

--- UPDATE (1.0.1) ---
- By popular demand, I added 15 Factory Presets to play around with
- I added a new Filter Section just for the Noise Generator
- I cleaned up the GUI a bit
- Small fixes
- (Hidden easteregg inside the program) ;)

--- UPDATE (1.1.0) ---
- I added two more oscillators so you can play up to three simultaneously. Also the oscillators are much more controllable now
- I added Keyboard Tracking as well as a dedicated Envelope to the Filter Section
- I added the Pulse Waveform
- I removed the Reverb because it sounded like rubbish (better one is coming soon)
- I removed some other unnecessary things
- I simplified the program behind the synth
- 5 more snapshots to showcase the new new sound creating possibilities of the update
Thanks for the comments. Please continue telling me what I can improve.


Leonard Hick
2 years ago
I fixed that.. ;)
2 years ago
View B has a good smal size. Leonard what is Evil Lead - sounds like a toy organ!
2 years ago
Leonard, please build me a Birotron with 4 snapshots. Based on the advantage Mellotron by David Biro. Thank you.
Arthur Labitzke
2 years ago
Sorry, Leonard, to say so but the best of your synth is the goat picture. I know how sophisticated serious instrument building in Reaktor is and I think that two days of watching a few YouTube clips never ever can be enough to create something reasonable. Again sorry for my opinion but you asked for comments...
2 years ago
Leonard, please give us some snapshots. There is a low decayed signal on your synth and half of it is graphical.