Inga Naïve Leveller

Classic all-round studio compressor

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January 06, 2017
Reaktor 6
Effect Dynamics


"Naïve art is any form of art that is created by a person who lacks the formal education and training that a professional artist undergoes."

Inga Naïve Leveller is my humble interpretation of classic all-round studio compressor.It tries to simulate some dynamic characteristics found in Optoelectronic and Varimu compressors of the past. Although it certainly doesn't sound like LA2A or Fairchild I've tried to inject some character and mojo into the design, especially into the sidechain signal detection (Memory and Inertia detectors) and sidechain filtering. Inga certainly have its own sound and is a very program dependent, but it was designed to be as flexible as possible and mostly shine on vocals and bass, and other non-percussive sources.If you set it up correctly it can sound anywhere from fast, aggressive and pumping to slow, smooth and leveling and everything in between.In some cases it generally behaves pretty closely to some compressor plugins outside Reaktor environment.

TIP: Always start with Input knob and read the info hints.

For more geeky stuff I may write the full manual in near future.
Enjoy, donations welcomed since I'm practically broke:)
Any feedback is welcomed.


Meters by Jo Oheim and Heinrich Angel,
knobs by Efflam Le Bivic and Boscomac,
general GUI inspiration Stephen Reid.


Kirill Guk
7 months ago
Amazing compressor , i user it in bass and kick (BUS) sounds awesome ! Thanks
Umer Qureshi
4 years ago
Is the manual on the way? :) Really good compressor.
Ilia Machekhin
4 years ago
Great comp. Input gain on detector and a few behavioral models. Just cutting edge compressor.
4 years ago
Huen Alfee
5 years ago
Andrew Madden
5 years ago
just noticed there is hahaha.
Andrew Madden
5 years ago
i think adding a saturation feature would be nice.
Jeremy Gallagher
5 years ago
alt fidelity
5 years ago
Well thank you for the kind words, :) I'm not geek for Reaktor stuff, but I'm semi-geek for compressors. And I've always found that majority of compressors inside Reaktor sound kinda stiff and dull (except few bright exceptions), so I tried to make one that isn't. Well anyway there is a minor update coming up, so if you guys have any ideas for new features, you can let me know and I'll see if there is anything I could do
Kim Joris Boström
5 years ago
Beautiful sounding and looking compressor, thanks alot!
GG.G SakabeaT
5 years ago
very nice ens...