SB Blooper

Droner, Noise, Synth Blocks Patch

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January 28, 2017
Reaktor 6
Blocks Ensembles


Hey All,

i made a simple Patch and some Presets with some Blocks from the User Library.
Makes Drones & Noises and some fun background stuff.
Used Block:
SA Offscillator
Bento Box Vca
SA OK Auto Pan
SA OK Reverb
SA EZ-Scope

Have fun droning and check my soundcloud for some real Tracks of mine


Stephan Bobinger
3 years ago
thanks Christopher :D it was just a fun Patch. Thought i'd share it ;)
Christopher Kemp
3 years ago
Phenominal, you are fantastic!
yannick Le Déan
3 years ago
Thanks to share this one, i like it
Jonathan Tremblay
3 years ago
Cool! Love the usage of Neon.