Terminus Est 1.3

Dirty bass / drone monosynth

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1.3 (Updated 1 year ago)
February 08, 2017
Reaktor 6


Terminus Est is a straightforward, dirty and fun bass/drone monosynth. Easy to use, immediately rewarding and beautifully aggressive.
All of the implementation is done in Core, resulting in relatively low CPU footprint and excellent sound quality.
High sample rates (88.2khz and up) recommended for optimal results.


- Removed oversampling to reduce CPU overhead and make the instrument more easily maintanable. It's recommended to set Reaktor sample rate to at least 88200
- "Spread" now slowly adds 4 additional sawtooths (was 2)
- Additional sawtooths in "Spread" mode now have slightly modulated pitch to avoid obvious beating
- Fixed osc phase issue related to "Spread" mode
- Slightly different filter implementation, improved bass response
- Adjusted parameters in the "Wreck" noise mode
- Gain staging adjustment
- Tuned "Mad" mode for more consistent results
- Some optimizations here and there, reducing CPU

- Fixed OS implementation
- Added control smoothers
- Fixed small DC offset
- More self-oscillation potential

- Initial release

- Sub oscillator (pulse/tri)
- Multi-sawtooth oscillator with spread (detuned unison) control
- Noise oscillator: Pink/White modes and a 'Wreck' mode (borrows the guts of the 'Dust' block by Michael Hetrick).
- Amp, filter and mod envelopes
- Sallen-Key non-linear filter (MS-20 style)
- Info tooltips and snapshots

Some knobs and scales taken from Efflam Le Bivic's excellent series of UI resources.
Big thanks to all builders for sharing their awesome knowledge!
Last but not least, big thank you to Thalia Niniou for providing her design skills for the panel interface!


Robert Arzola
2 months ago
Used this synth in a track that is being used in the Black Widow ad campaign!
Kostas Karamitas
1 year ago
Thank you all for your kind words, happy you find it useful. I designed this synth specifically to use for my own music (electronic, drone etc), so all the controls are very deliberately selected and tuned to get that kind of massive detuned growl. A poly version would be cool, but I want Terminus Est to remain simple and immediate, with its own defined character and role. Maybe I'll design a poly synth as a separate instrument when I get the time.
Robert Arzola
1 year ago
This is probably the best bass synth I've ever used. I've been using it for dark trailer tracks and have been close to getting placements with this synth being a key contributor. Keep up the good work!
Claude S.
1 year ago
It's excellent. I got the vibe right away. I decided, however, that it should be stereo and have an LFO to modulate panning (as that noise is irresistible, as well as a verb. My ONLY wish was it was at least 3 note poly selectable. But it's a minor thing. I'm enjoying it. Thank you!
Brett Lavallee
4 years ago
I haven't got the time to try this yet, but it looks great, thanks for sharing.
joe cronin
4 years ago
Thanks...still learning..
Kostas Karamitas
4 years ago
@joe: This is a Reaktor instrument file (.ism). You need to create a new ensemble, load the instrument and connect the output port from the synth to the ensemble outs. Sorry for the confusion, I may update the zip to include an .ens in the future
joe cronin
4 years ago
I get no sound from this...do you need to hook it up another instrument...confused..
Charalampos Christos Stamatopoulos
4 years ago
Huge sound, Great GUI
Karel Skakal
4 years ago
A real Beauty. Nice sound and low CPU. THANKS
Kostas Karamitas
4 years ago
@n.r.ruk : indeed!
GG.G SakabeaT
4 years ago
tres eleguant !!!!
4 years ago
someone's got their gene wolfe on ...
brice beasley
4 years ago
Nice work on the GUI.
Kostas Karamitas
4 years ago
makoz: Thanks! mark: Yes, it does :) The oscs get hot into the filter so you always have some crunch going on
Mark Wadewitz
4 years ago
This sounds really evil and angry! :-)
makoz ~
4 years ago