A modular FM synth from the autobahn

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Jakob Lipp
1.01 (Updated 3 years ago)
February 12, 2017
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Based on four modified Bento oscillators with integrated envelope (modified by me) and a modified modulation matrix for routing FM (originally made by Jason Leiter).

Operators (Osc): Mod A is hardwired to oscillators envelope. OP1 is cross syncronized with OP2 and OP3 with OP4 (Sync knob).

FM Matrix: Every Operator (Osc) has its own vertical set of four knobs. To modulate OP4 by OP2 (FM2) set level of modulation by turning knob 4-2 (OP4 is modulated by OP2). Now set the amount of modulation by adjusting OP4's FM-knob.
Self modulation is also possible. For OP3 adjust FM-matrix knob 3-3 (OP3 is modulated by OP3). Self modulating OP3 could now modulate OP4 by knob 4-3. The possibilities in routing FM signals are nearly endless.

LFO: Is routed to Mod B.

Be carful and never forget your limiter. This beast can get pretty fast pretty wild. The attached sound example is straight from the synth and its base patch on C2.

Regards from Germany