Deadpan-H Blocks

Filters, Distortions, Sound manglers

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1.1 (Updated 4 years ago)
March 05, 2017
Reaktor 6


A collection of filter/distorion sound mangler hybrids. Try them out as synth filters or as distortion stompboxes for drums & samples. They come in both mono/stereo versions.
They're 2x oversampled, but there's a lot of saturation & feedback going on, so I'd advise you to run Reaktor at a high samplerate to get the best possible sound.

Enjoy the dirt!


NEW Blocks:
- Maxted: Dynamic rectifier. A cool combination of fuzz distortion with an aggresive compression effect
- Margot: Five comb filters in parallel, tuned at harmonics of the base pitch. Lots of sound design potential, can also be used as an oscillator for space drone sounds
- Kerans: LP4 resonant filter (ladder-like) with dynamic waveshaping


- Laing: LP3 resonant filter with dynamic waveshaping
- Wilder: LP2 resonant filter (TSK) with dynamic waveshaping
- Royal: Feedback saturation with tone control

Knobs by Efflam Le Bivic, oversampling macros by NI


Pablo Bastian
1 year ago
Fantastic blocks! My favorite is Margot, the mighty comb effect. Simply amazing, especially when used with modulation. Love it! Thanks for sharing your work, I love your blocks so far :)
Damon Krause
3 years ago
These are great, thanks
Kostas Karamitas
4 years ago
Happy to share these, Paule. I think they're quite fun to use
4 years ago
Thanks again, Kostas.
Kostas Karamitas
4 years ago
Thanks guys, I'll add a ladder and a comb when time allows
Brett Lavallee
4 years ago
Thanks. great work
4 years ago
muddy thanks
gentleclockdivider .
4 years ago
Excellent .