Corresponding Lid Compressor - Multiband Compressor with Limiter

It is a 4 Band Compressor with full control of each band

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March 15, 2017
Reaktor 6
Effect Dynamics


I took one of the best compressors from NI and gave it a multiband upgrade. It comes with a adjustable X-over for every Band. There is also a bypass button, to listen to your changes. The limiter does not work as a brickwall-limiter. It gives you the super pumpy feeling, if your mix needs more of it. I prefer to insert the device on a group or even on your master a mastering plug in. If you have experience with a standard compressor then it is super easy to handle. Have fun!

Sound examples:
01 normal loop without the device
02 multiband on (all 4 bands are activated)
03 the pumpy limiter and the multibands are on